Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast with Cal Twomey as special guest

Here it is!!! We spoke to Cal Twomey on the Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast to discuss Essendon and it’s recent form. Was such a good chat. Listen now


ITunes link also below

half way through. great listen so far


Legend, thanks kindly for sharing.

Nice get cjohns!

Cheers, Cal is an obvious favourite so was excited to chat with him. Sensed he wanted to go off the leash a bit but he held back at one point when I questioned game plan

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Great work guys. Good listening to what Cal had to say. Agree with you re Langford. He needs a few games to show what he has got… would hate to lose him due to lack of opportunity… hope he hasn’t reached that point already.

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The Langers situation is interesting. Has worsfold made his mind up with him which would be insane as effectively it would only be based on an unfamiliar role being inside mid in a crap midfield. As i think you pointed out can kick and think he played half back in national’s. Could bite the club big-time

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3rd week in a row listening in, great stuff mate!

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Cheers mate. Glad your liking show. Pretty humbling the support we get

Great work CJohns!! I look forward to this each week now.

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Really enjoyed the podcast. A great listen and some interesting insights / observations from Twomey. Of course, it did nothing to alleviate my frustrations at how the club recruit and treat their players. Recruiting has been really ordinary (poor strike rate) and someone like Langford not getting a decent run at it despite showing decent signs early in the season.

enjoyed the podcast, you guys are getting some great Guests on.

As fans I think we would appreciate more frank answers re Langford i.e. the coaches explaining why he is dropped so quickly. For example, is there a team rule he breaks? If so tell us that(don’t necessarily have to say what it is) but give us some context to understand the decision

I hear ya

love listening to cal when he just talks essendon. without having to check himself too much.

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I agree im a big fan yet the situation is grey and cloudy with kyle. Hes out of contract a definite talent, im sure he works hard and played one poor game in 12 months. Is he out of favour - im sure he has an AFL future and as a link mid. Clarke Mutch McGrath Hepps they all kick tbe same Langers would be the right goddard replacement as he kicks hard and flat and quick. Boy hope this club lets him play

and Kyle does have his issues…speed and awareness being obvious for me anyway. I just think awareness can be fixed through experience and once that is fixed then speed is not as much of an issue.

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i’m just perplexed that we saw something early on that he could be a great hit up medium forward. then suddenly because the midfield experiment isn’t work, we’re probably looking at turfing or getting a foil wrapper from those chocolate dollars for him.

I really want to know what happened between he and skipworth.

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