Lunchtime Catch Up Reaction to JLT 2 loss. Is it just another JLT game or concern?

The Lunchtime Catch-Up Podcast has their instant reaction to the 28 point loss to the Cats. Just a JLT game or some early concerns?


Here at Blitz we prefer the sky is falling philosophy.

Cheers guys, I love the effort.

Cheers Sam. Was not the funnest review to do but it is obviously very early in the season

ITunes link to last nights Podcast below

Thanks for trying to lift our spirits guys…
Hopefully our inept, lethargic performance was because we refuse to take the jlt seriously. However, I do think the players and coaches should approach the jlt more seriously. It seems that most other clubs do.
If it is the case that we played badly because ‘it’s only the jlt’ then why not give more time to and try out more of the younger players at least.
What does the club learn from such games? What do the supporters get out of watching such games?

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Lol we tried to be positive but somewhat realistic too.

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Cheers for support the last week

Good analysis guys, agree entirely.


Really appreciate your work, CJ