Majak Daw, del santo reckons.."take a chance on me"


Do we really need another tall forward/Ruckman though? I dont think so.

Maybe we could put Aaron Francis’s brain into his body.

Would Challenge JoeDan for player with the biggest assets at the club that’s for sure


Worst player I’ve seen in the comp for sometime. Absolutely useless and only getting games as a PR stunt for Norf. Barely VFL standard


Every so often he will take a mark or take a leap that gets interesting, but that happens once in a game, if you are lucky.

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Would he a better back up rookie ruck option than McKernan?

I’d rather ruck with Josh Green than Majak.
We have TBC, Looney and with Draper coming along well I reckon Ruck would be the last position we need to cover

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Not even close, makes McKernan like like a superstar.


I reckon he is like many ruckman who get chucked into a key forward role and struggle.

He’ll never be anything unless he gets a crack at starting ruck, which was never gonna happen - and will still never happen - at North.


Would really benefit from a fresh start somewhere who would actually play him in the ruck and let him play his natural position.

We’re fine for ruck stocks so its a no for me He will need to go to a club with low ruck stocks

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Why start this thread for?

Now he’ll kick 6 including the match winner against us next week.


But he can’t run out games, even playing minimal minutes behind Goldstein. And at 26, you’d have to say that’s unlikely going to change.
He’s the athletic version of J Neagle.

Hes played a handful of games in 8 years, but has ‘potential’. Isn’t he the sort of player Essendon normally signs to a long term contract?

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  1. nick dal santo. wgaf what he thinks?
  2. majak daw is a truck.
  3. where’s pazza, he would be 100% on board with this.

He’s got no footy smarts whatsoever…
Do not want…

Last thing we need is more dumb footballers.

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The only reason we should pick him up is to on-trade him to St Kilda where he can be involved in some kind of scandal before he’s played a game for them.


Can’t imagine there’s many, if any, players in the competition that we’d want less than Majak ■■■■■■■ Daw.

Given North will likely lose one of Goldy or Preuss they should hang onto him as no other club would keep someone like him on the list.

Arguably fails the good bloke criteria, definitely fails the vanilla criteria.