Majak Daw falls/jumps off Bolte Bridge - broken hip, at least


Why is Stilnox still legal?


Was she hurt? I haven’t heard anything about that


This 100%.
Along with about a 100 other drugs that are on the market. It takes a fentanyl like disaster before any controls come in.


We pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars to play a game they choose to play.

I would say most don’t ask them to be super human - more that they be decent humans, in a very public role.


Rosso. Please. WTF are you implying?


Some day, people will realise that internet life is still ‘life’, and they are responsible for their actions.


What ever is implied is not really any of our business. Whether it is a rumour or not, l want to hear no part of it. Otherwise we become no better than the hordes of malicious gossip mongers thronging to pass comments on social media.


Gill will be scratching his head, and wondering, what will we do now? It may force the AFL’s hand in terms of the mental health and wellbeing of current and past AFL players and staff.

I have my fingers crossed and I am hoping the AFL fund the AFLPA to run compulsory programs at all the AFL clubs and educate everyone not just players, about the importance of Mental and Emotional health and wellbeing and how important it is for everyone. Come on Gil and Gary its time.

Our wealth is our health and wellbeing.


Reckon the AFL, AFLPA and the Clubs do a lot better on the mental health front that our society in general.

In my view, Governments need to do more, but I have to commend them for addressing the issues of not enough support and the causal issues. Sadly, I reckon, if Majak Daw was not high profile it would be a mere one liner in the news.

So we all need to look around in our family and friends and ask the hard questions.


I’d almost guarantee that AFL staff (players, club staff etc) have better access and education regarding mental health than 99% of Australians.


It would change my level of sympathy.


Maybe it’s not the AFL that’s put him in a bad place, it’s just not known and doesn’t need to be by the public.

It’s AFL though which has made his story front page news.


I’m sure you’re right.

Quite aside from the fame/rolemodel thing, there’s some aspects of AFL life that’d be problematic when it comes to mental health though. Obviously in any club there’s a culture of toughness, of pushing through the pain and not complaining, which is great on the field and on the training track but is pretty problematic when it comes to mental health issues. And there’s the cut-throatedness of the industry. Every player knows they’re only a bad season or two away from the end of their AFL careers, and knowing this it may discourage them from seeking help of asking for time away from the game if they need it. Hopefully this attitude is changing, as we saw with how EFC handled Francis’s situation. but Franga is a very young highly talented kid and can be confident the club would stick by him. How would EFC have managed things if it was Long or Jerrett or someone? I’d like to say they’d have probably given a less in-demand player the same consideration, but how confident in this would a fringe player fighting for his list spot have been, asking for a few months off to get his head straight?


Stopping the use of Stilnox in AFL clubs would be a good start.

That stuff is evil and makes people do all manner of things they wouldn’t normally do.


Remember the Australian Olympic Swim Team had problem with Stilnox a few years ago and former swimmers sometime later.


Was it Hackett who went nuts?


Maybe he would have been better off playing AFL footy in the South Sudan.


Does being left in a wheelchair at an airport drooling like a bloodhound count


Will you explain that, or are you off your face as usual?


Or wearing a singlet as pants walking through Crown Casino, or turning over your entire unit in crown including a Piano?