Majak Daw falls/jumps off Bolte Bridge - broken hip, at least


Met him in the pharmacy the other day, real nice guy, big unit


Yes it was but others also.


Never compare your insides with everyones outsides.

What may look like a successful life with physical health,and material success,may just be a shield hiding a broken spirit.


You only have to look at Hollywood or the music industry to confirm those words.


Saw him in the city last Tuesday, and yes he is enormous. As in peak physical condition, tall and fit.


No idea, never heard that. He had a fight with his missus didn’t he and trash their apartment? Or something along those lines?


My word is that his injuries are extremely serious and he is unlikely to recover full fitness.


There’s photos if you google it.
Probably dancing on the mans grave if I post anything


Off my face on margarita I was…can get plastered walking down the road in the middle of the night…not if I was in Sudan I am guessing…better than others bullshit hearsay me thinks…


How did you get bullshit through the filter when I can’t say nob.


Oh. I can say nob.


You still can’t say ■■■■ though.


I said ■■■■ with bull on the front


And it depends on what ■■■■ you say


So therefore I’m still correct their hearsay is all bullshit, read between the lines and use your nob.
Should have taken a moment, appreciate where he was and is…now he has a much more difficult road ahead from where he started.
And that’s no bullshit!


The next test I do will get me banned, but it would be one word rhyming with punt dips


A pharmacy you say


Heaps cheaper at our drug dungeon


Munt nips?