Majak Daw falls/jumps off Bolte Bridge - broken hip, at least


I don’t think anyone should ever really just brush off an event such as the ‘piano thing’. Mistakes are mistakes but intimidation through violence is never on (outside of the football field).


Yes that stilnox is dangerous stuff. Stay away.


I am not excusing domisetic violence one little bit. If that has been suggested I have misrepresented myself.


what does what they earn have to do with anything?? they are not role models they are people who play sport for our entertainment not the guardians of our social & moral codes … and most do seem to want them to be super human because normal decent human isn’t enough & who of us would like media commenting on everything we do away from our jobs !!


l hope Daw has a great Christmas and is able to make a full recovery.


Something a bit funny with our top male swimmers…

Hackett went off the rails, Thorpey was found wandering delirious around his folks place in suburban Sydney, Scott Millar and coke, skippy heugill blew out to 140kgs.

And that’s just off the top of my head.

Elite swimming women don’t seem to have the same set of problems.


Young people, fame, money, pressure.
It’s not just swimmers.


Maybe we simply don’t get to hear about them or are the girls better at “keeping mum.”


Yeah maybe, seems to be a high percentage of problems. Just a perception thing.


Girls are better at talking about their problems. Men could learn a bit from them.


Being woken up at 5, eating like a supermodel etc and being expected to do and pass school is a bit of a ridiculous expectation for a teenager.
Body still growing, hormonal changes while science seems to suggest they need a fair bit of sleep to accommodate all of it.
Your social life would be shot to.
No wonder.


I reckon you could take any random sample of young men and find a similar number of such tales


Agree on waking at 5.

But as for eating. Nothing like a supermodel. They munch down on ridiculous amounts of tucker.

I reckon it comes from spending so much time with just a black line for company.


Throw in Speedos,and there you have it.


Pushy parents rife in the sport.


It would be an interesting Phd topic. My understanding is Mental Health post-retirement would be heavily related to social support (friends, family, professionals), whether they have the skills or training to transition directly into another job as well as genetics etc. Thinking about gender stereotypes males would certainly be less likely to seek support from others. In addition males are more likely to be risk seeking especially in adolescence - 25 year old. Their brains are more likely to seek those ‘highs’ and be prone to greater ‘lows’ especially if they have never been trained to talk about difficulties.


Open letter from Majak Daw

Majak Daw

Jan 15, 2019 2:55PM

To all our beloved fans and members, I just wanted to thank everyone for their love and support over the past month.

The circumstances surrounding my incident have been extremely challenging for my family, friends and anyone that knows me for that matter.

I’m making huge strides with my recovery, both physically and mentally.

I have been blessed with a second chance at life.

My attitude and outlook towards everything has improved.

I hope to be back out there playing in the blue and white stripes soon.

Thank you all for respecting my need for privacy and for giving me the chance to get better going forward.


Good on him. I hope he makes a full recovery



Majak is back running again. Amazing stuff. I’d written him off as never playing again given his age and the severity of his injuries but looks like he might be on track. Would be awesome to see him back out there one day.