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Are you suggesting we don’t learn from our betters’ mistakes?:upside_down_face:


LOL Like I’d read anything on that leftist site.


Asked how he gained such extraordinary access, Wolff said: “I certainly said whatever was necessary to get the story.”

“My credibility is being questioned by a man who has less credibility than perhaps anyone who has ever walked on earth at this point,” he said

That last quote isn’t about you btw chump.


African-American unemployment rate at its lowest level in 45 years or since these records were kept.

Damm that racist Trump.:kissing_smiling_eyes:




Hispanic unemployment rate also at record low.

Damm that racist Trump and those Nazi Republicans.


Internet mocks Fox News after it’s forced to admit job growth was stronger under Obama than Trump

Brad Reed05 Jan 2018 at 13:03 ET
2 minutes

The official monthly jobs report for December 2017 was a disappointment, as the Labor Department estimated that the economy added just 148,000 jobs over the last month.

And despite the fact that President Donald Trump has bragged about his first year in office being an unqualified economic success, it turns out that average monthly job growth in 2017 was 171,000 jobs per month — which was down significantly from the 187,000 jobs per month that were added in 2016.

What’s more, the monthly average of 171,000 jobs created in 2017 was actually the lowest average monthly job growth since 2010, when just 88,000 jobs were added per month.

Fox News’ research team posted the numbers for average monthly job growth on its Twitter account — and there was deathly silence in response from the usual crowd of Trump supporters.

Instead, the tweet generated lots of pointing and laughing from liberals who mocked Fox for acknowledging that job growth under the last six years of the Obama administration was stronger than during Trump’s first year.


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Erre, what is that graph supposed to represent. The percentage of times you got something correct?


I know this will come as a shock to you, but it’s from the link you posted.
You might wanna…you know…read the things you post.




Then I’m not sure of your point because that graph backs up the article.


Yes, I know you don’t understand the point.
That’s why you’re a clown.

We’ll just say it’s for people who can and do read, shall we?


I really need to do a crash course in dribble. Seems to be a common language here.


You keep saying this despite being clearly fluent.

Just how fkn stupid are you?


No, you need a crash course in kindergarten.

I think that’s where you’ll pick up image recognition, so the next time someone posts something from a link you’ve posted, you’ll know.
Obviously understanding what it means will take a lot longer.


I put this through google translate and even it can’t help me.


That’s because you are beyond help.


Yeah, English to English isn’t going to help you.
They are all very small words.

Seriously though, thank you for the laugh.
It’s quite a feat to claim intellectual superiority by pretending not to understand the simplest of paragraphs.



Just direct them to Fox News