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Fake news.


Then why are only conservative posters ever banned from this forum whilst posters such as BSD (amongst many others) have carte-blanche to say whatever they want?

Maybe you could point out the post in question as to why I was banned and we can all judge for ourselves.


Yeah crunchyfrog1 is a real loss to this place.

Maybe whinge to rolo about who you want banned.

And you weren’t banned for a single post.


I always suspected that having unwittingly become President, Trump would take the easy way out and do his best to avoid the rigor and discipline associated with the job. He loves the pomp and circumstance, not the hard yards. Yesterday made that clear. Hoping to prove that he is actually a “very stable genius” and quite up to the task of being President, Trump asked the press (and cameras) to stay as he led a 55min bi-partisan discussion around immigration.

Most of it was him acting presidential and asking “what do you think” while not really take a policy stand on anything. A great moment was when Dianne Feinstein (Senator from California) used a Jedi mind trick on Trump and got him to agree to “comprehensive immigration reform” (these words are critical) including protection for dreamers (kids brought into the US illegally through no fault of their own) without any quid-pro-quo on “border security” aka THE WALL. The Republicans couldn’t believe it and quickly corrected him on the security inclusion at which point he went “That is what she is saying!”. In fact, that is NOT what “she” was saying.

In the end he said “I think my positions are going to be what the people in this room come up with,” Trump said. “I am very much reliant on the people in this room.”

Ofcourse, today he is off and claiming what a huge success yesterday’s meeting was as it led to “letters of congratulations” from television network anchors “saying that was one of the greatest meetings they’ve ever witnessed.”

Give me a break!


So sorry, let me help you understand. Trump supporters have displayed an uncanny ability to disregard all evidence of his ineptness and stupidity, even when they see it with their own eyes. They will watch a video of him saying all Mexicans are criminals, then deny it ever happened whilst simultaneously deflecting by saying “Ohh, but Hillary”, even if it is 12 months after Dumbo was elected. Whilst I am certain you fully understood my initial post, your level of obstinance and desire to continuously troll members of this forum by deliberately questioning the meaning of posts where the content is decipherable to a 10 year old is starting to become wearisome. The whole please translate to English thing is simply your effort to deflect from what is clearly obvious to every single other poster on this forum, from the 15 year olds to the octogenarians, and that is that Trump is an embarrassment to the average American citizen. He, much like you, appears to be a petulant man child, (or woman child in your case, I can’t be certain), who is only prepared to acknowledge his view of the world, regardless of how many times he has been proven wrong.


Previously unreported but in November Mueller added a prosecutor specialising in computer crimes to his team.


You are the one always insinuating why I was banned?

If you know, then spill it out.
If you don;t know, then give it a rest and stop with the baiting.


Gee I dunno, the multiple warnings (on the old forum) sent to you appearing on the mod control panel…


Firstly, paragraphs are your friend. Let them help you.

Secondly, there is no evidence of ineptness and stupidity. I have asked for this before and invariably it fell into a hole as most of it was just plain rumour, gossip and innuendo.


Troll, don’t feed. Please stop feeding.


When you get to the bottom of this page it says “Page 1 of 9”. Case closed.

EDIT - deleted statement that was troll-feeding


So Trump claiming responsibility for the fall in Africa-American unemployment, which has clearly been trending down since the second year of Obama’s first term is acceptable to you.

His claim that because of his intervention with airline authorities that he is responsible for zero American deaths in air crashes during 2017 doesn’t make you question whether or not he has a firm grip on reality.

His support for an accused(but not convicted) paedophile during the recent Alabama election, followed by his swift denunciation as soon as he lost, doesn’t make you wonder at the way he treats people.

What about the way he has turned on Bannon, who as a right wing dilettante, you must have an enormous amount of time for?

How do you describe a man who three times tries to do something he has been told he can’t actually do, who continues to try to do it? I am of course talking about his attempts to redefine immigration laws in the US.

The simple fact is that you have invested so much of yourself into defending the indefensible that you can’t now back out, and are stuck supporting a man the majority of the world thinks is a fool.

He declared that he was a brilliant business man that took $200 million and turned it into $8 billion (debatable). However, if he had simply invested daddy’s $200 million and placed it in bearer bonds, that money would now be worth $12 billion.

Trump is a conman, and you have been conned, and much like all victims of a con, you refuse to accept that you were gullible enough to be conned. As such, I have a really great deal for you. There is this little bridge in Sydney you might be interested in… going cheap.



Depends on how you define average American citizen.


Go ahead, I guess this is all entertaining distraction. E12 is providing a bit of a service really, not sure it qualifies as Work for the Dole but it’s gotta slide into Volunteering surely.


The 300+ million that didn’t vote for him, and probably by now, quite a few others who did.


Six sentences too much for you?


Only 168 million eligible voters didn’t vote for Trump.

He got about 63 million votes out of 231 eligible voters; Hillary got about 65 million.

That said, I reckon the “average” American either supports Trump or could not give a fark about politics.


Like, really smart.


It’s why he’s effective though. He’s communicating to the 30% of the country that’s semi illiterate.