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Those video games. I can’t find a plumber these days who doesn’t wear red or green overalls with a matching cap.


You can be paid to work on election campaigns. You can’t be paid by foreign entities.


Yep, that Nunes is a piece of work. Nice of Ryan to just ignore it.

Senate Intelligence Leaders Say House G.O.P. Leaked a Senator’s Texts


President Donald Trump on Thursday suggested using the death penalty on drug dealers to address the opioid epidemic, equating providing lethal drugs with murder.

“We have pushers and drugs dealers, they are killing hundreds and hundreds of people,” Trump said at a White House summit on opioid abuse. “If you shoot one person, they give you life, they give you the death penalty. These people can kill 2,000, 3,000 people and nothing happens to them.”

Or maybe you could legalise drugs and provide safe injecting rooms. This would greatly reduce the death toll and save billions in court costs and maintenance of death row prisoners. But that makes too much sense.


I hate being right on this one :frowning:

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OK. This should be very entertaining hearing Trump “clarify” his comments.


And the deal maker is poised to become the trade war starter. Fun times.


Just for clarity, this is what the NYT reported the other day:

In a remarkable meeting, the president veered wildly from the N.R.A. playbook in front of giddy Democrats and stone-faced Republicans. He called for comprehensive gun control legislation that would expand background checks to weapons purchased at gun shows and on the internet, keep guns from mentally ill people, secure schools and restrict gun sales for some young adults. He even suggested a conversation on an assault weapons ban.

This does not wildly differ from the tweet quoted.


Except you forgot this direct quote from Trump:

“Take the guns first, go through due process second”


Apart from the bits about wanting / not wanting gun control. Guess it depends on perceptions of what implementation of ‘control’ means.


To be fair, that was the NRA tweeting, not Trump. They say a variety of silly things.


E12 (year old) single handedly keeping the cherry industry afloat.


Following Rodrigo’s lead.


I think it does differ wildly. One says he called for comprehensive gun control and one says he doesnt want gun control. I would say those two points are a fair way apart


Does it if one those comments pass the 18 month test?


You can’t make this ■■■■ up.

Legislators in the US state of Georgia have passed a bill denying Delta Air Lines a tax break after the firm cut ties with the US gun lobby.

The Atlanta-based airline ended its discount for members of the National Rifle Association (NRA) after a Florida school shooting left 17 people dead.

Georgia Republicans vowed to strip a bill of a jet fuel tax exemption that would benefit the carrier as a result.

Delta is one of several firms to end relations with the NRA in recent days.

The state’s House of Representatives and Senate, both controlled by Republicans, passed a sweeping tax package within hours of each other on Thursday that was amended to exclude a $50m (£36m) sales-tax exemption.

Delta irritated state lawmakers on Saturday after it dropped its discount for NRA members in the wake of the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, on 14 February.


And yet they’re the biggest employer in Georgia. How can the NRA be so powerful. It’s insane.


They just need to keep drip feeding the politicians who just want to get reelected.

The age of politicians having any real care for anyone but themselves is just a very distant memory.


Had a great meeting with the NRA apparently this morning and then went and had a go at “Alex” Baldwin


His opinion is that of the last person he spoke to