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Raising tariffs on steel and aluminium products ( intermediate goods), justification on essential security grounds ( need to have plants for military purposes) and to say that a trade war is not a bad thing - he is sure draining the swamp on what might be beneficial to US interests.
It is evident that the tariffs could not be justified under WTO rules on dumping , countervailing or safeguards, so he invokes a provision of the US Trade Act that gives him absolute discretion , not time limited and which does not require review.
WTO members are reluctant to mount challenges to measures based on essential national security. But he is inviting others to adopt the same approach - just about anything could be claimed as essential to the military, down to their bootlaces.
The alternative would have been to subsidise the plants to keep them operational for the military. As it is, defence procurement is largely exempt from WTO trade rules. No doubt this will be rammed home to him by Canada et al, while Australia ( a small supplier) will seek special treatment.


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You are right, and I have always agreed with this position.


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He is so misinformed if he thinks there are winners in a trade war - it’s lose/lose all round.
Reportedly, he jumped the gun in the announcement, without getting the normal input from economic and legal experts. And there are far more jobs in downstream industries than in the basic metal fabrication .


Gonna be interesting when the chinese housing bubble collapses.


A maniac in charge. Amazing.



This seems bad:


Kushner’s in a mess of his own making. Needs $1.2 billion fast to save himself from the mistake of 666 Fifth Avenue. Partly why his adjudicated security clearance was never going to come through. And yet he had access to the most sensitive TS/SCI material for over a year. In one of the few signs of contrition we’ve seen from this admin COS Kelly admitted that the WH’s handling of classified information was not at the standard you would expect.

edit: Trump bringing him into the WH is his own goal, as they had to actively ignore or go around ethics guidelines and rules to do so. Funnily enough the things those rules were there to guard against are starting to pop up.


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Perhaps no-one dared mention the Smoot-Hawley Act to him