Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


What a prick.


Nah, it was just Facebook memes. No named sources, nothing to see!


Trump seems to have drained the swamp of knowledge and expertise in the Administration when he equated VAT to an import tariff and export subsidy, also conveniently overlooking US sales and excise tax systems, which work in much the same way. It’s called National Treatment on indirect taxes ( Article III of GATT 1994). Essentially, they are taxes on the consumer at the point of consumption.


Swamp draining continues.


Haven’t we been here before?

He did this last year and backed away from it after public reaction.


Last person he talked to much have reminded him it was an Obama era ban


Holds a grudge against Kenya?




Gary Cohn resigning as chief economic advisor over the tariff policy.

Maybe Don Jnr or Eric can fill that role now.


What’s a step down from this at this point? The Kardashian administration?


The actual cast of Idiocracy?


Their characters. The cast would do better.


And Kellyanne Conway held in violation of the Hatch Act which bans federal employees from partisan lobbying.

“All the best people”, he said.


Not the first time either


“All the best people”. Is there a meme with a photo of all of them with this captioned doing the rounds yet?


It’d be a hoot watching people feeling obliged to defend their actions because of their unwavering political barracking.


Saw an article the other day that most former WH workers get cushy jobs and that is stunningly NOT the case with the Trump admin.


Mueller seems to be keeping some of them busy, though not in paid positions.


It is going to get worse, who would want to work in the Administration other than carpet baggers who will tell him what he wants to hear. So much for his boast that he likes to have conflicting views put to him.


Sean Spicer being the prime example (and he even left early enough to not carry too much of a stench). The guy went on an immediate publicity tour organized by his PR firm. Even showed up at the Golden Globes. However, not one cushy media job arrived. I think he may have got the odd guest-lecturer gig but that is it.

One can but hope karma maintains some form.