Make the US Politics Thread Great Again




WTF. “Mr President, if you knock 10% off I’ll let you beat me at 9 holes and you can even tell everyone too.” Should we send in a cuddly koala too? You wonder if North Korea actually would be easier to deal with.


From the writers of “The Thick Of It”…


You need doors in a swamp?


To be fair, that $139K will get them THREE double doors, and one of them will be upgraded with A LOCK.



Lil Kim wants to meet Col Bone Spurs.

Awaits trips post to update his admiration list to Trump, Kim, Putin.


The N Koreans are prepared to meet D Trump in person according to the S Koreans. If true, that is a major foreign affairs coup for the Trump admin. Hopefully it happens.


Isn’t this what NK have been seeking since the time of Clinton? Convincing a sitting US President to visit and treat its leader as an equal. Seems they might have got it without conceding anything to this point. Certainly interesting times anyway, we’ll see how it develops, and hopefully that development is good.


Worst idea in the history of ideas.


What do you have against the TREMENDOUS Trump Plaza, Pyongyang?!?


I think only wonderful things can come of this. Nothing even remotely negative can come of this. More US Presidents should’ve kowtowed to despots in the past, the world would be in much better shape. Actually that last one is debatable.


Its not the admin, It’s this guy



Interesting article on the new tariffs about a small keg making company in a strongly Republican district. The workers (and congressman) all think they’re a great idea. But the owner points out that his main competitor is manufactured steel kegs from China, which aren’t affected by the tariffs. So their price won’t change. But the tariffs will increase the price of steel, increasing his cost. His company faces bankruptcy.

Highlights how different people even within the same company can have different levels of knowledge and have different views.


Kowtowed? Trump threatened them with annihilation and the N Koreans have agreed to talk. No sitting US president has met with the N Koreans face to face before. If they can come to an agreement that suits all parties then that’s a good thing. Trump and his people have done well.


Where’s Trip? I was looking forward to some great economic insights as to why a trade war was another brilliant Trump achievement.

Mind you, he hasn’t told me why he admires Putin yet, so the wait continues…


A few points:

  • the Nth Koreans have waited till they could ‘negotiate’ as equals, as a nuclear power. This is happening on their terms.
  • Trump’s bluster didn’t suddenly scare the Nth Koreans. They have played this game long enough including with US presidents who have proven to not worry about starting regime-changing wars.
  • they are also enjoying some rather ill gotten PR gains from all the attention on their contingent at the Winter Olympics

Ultimately, all that Kim is concerned with is extending his rule. They will not denuclearize. They will not open up their country. They may, however, accept an impasse. Now, anything that lowers the threat of nuclear war is good. But amongst all this feel good news let’s not forget who started a lot of the rhetoric that kicked off the latest round of anxiety. Yes, Mr. Dotard.


Imagine the humanitarian crises within NK. If the regime were to collapse it would see the full magnitude of it.


If the regime were to simply fall, which it won’t, then I don’t think it would be a humanitarian crisis at all.
It would be a massive culture shock to the nation, but we have seen that before with East Germany.
If the current regime were to somehow just…disappear, apart from the mental shift, every North Korean’s life would change for the better.


I think there would be a pretty big level of poverty in the population that we don’t know about. Regime collapse will bring it to the fore.