Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


“You will never hear anything about this here” as we hear about this here…?

Is this like when you play the victim card claiming your previous incarnation was banned for your political views even as you continue to freely espouse them.


Depth would be a measure of the hole you’re currently digging.

Within two minutes you claimed the US won’t deal with despotic regimes then laud the dealings they have with a despotic regime.

Cool story.


Trump is actually doing a marvellous job of using the traditional American tactic of dealing with nuclear armed countries. Act insane.

The idea is to make other governments fear you see nuclear weapons as a legitimate option. That you are willing to start a nuclear holocaust. Because if they don’t believe you will use nukes, there’s no point having the damn things.

You can argue that the post USSR American Presidents haven’t maintained the image of unstable nuclear trigger fingers. Trump is playing that card hard, he’s gone all in on it.

Now the only problem with this strategy is how do you differentiate between fake crazy and real crazy?


Securing their release wasn’t enough of a win to satisfy Trump, he had to claim that all three were held since Obama’s time even though 2 were taken during his.


Please explain what Iran has done to contrary to the nuclear agreement?

Why would Iran participate in further talks with the US after they pulled out of this agreement?


Reality is that the only two nations to ever use Nuclear Weapons as a threat have been the USA and Israel. Though India and Pakistan come close. North Korea, China, Russia developed them for both political and defence reasons, France and UK to imagined threat from USSR. Not sure who else has them, but we could build one within weeks if we wanted.

Iran is a democracy, granted a farking strange one, but they have developed an alleged nuclear capability in response to threats from USA and Israel.

Saudi Arabia is an evil regime, and USA loves them, as they guarantee oil and buy shitloads of weapons.

I actually don’t care much about Trump, as USA foreign policy has been constant for about 150 years. What is best for the US of A, and whatever it takes to get their own way.


Amazing how history repeats itself.

2003, two years post the Dept 11 attacks, America is already flailing around in Afghanistan, no sign of Osama bin Laden, and there’s a bunch of international inspectors in Iraq saying ‘nope, there is no WMD program here’. But a handful of delusional wannabe Churchills in the white house who decide that their pet beliefs are much better than reality. They invade anyway and kick off the process that leaves half a million dead, creates ISIS, creates a massive refugee problem that is causing serious social stress in western europe, costs the US trillions, and puts the nail in the coffin of whatever claims the western democracies might have ever had to the moral high ground. And bin Laden has a big laugh, because he knows he could never destroy the US, but he did a pretty damn good job of goading them into destroying themselves.

2018, America is STILL flailing around in Afghanistan even though Osama bin Laden’s been fish food for coming up on a decade, there’s a bunch of international inspectors in Iran saying ‘nope, there is no nuclear weapon program here’. but a handful of morons and ideologues (some of who, like John Bolton, are the SAME PEOPLE who caused the Iraq disaster) in the white house decide their pet beliefs are better than reality. You know who’s going to win this time? The Iranian hardliners. Just like Bush did with bin Laden, Trump is giving his enemies everything that they want. The Iranian moderates spent a lot of political capital on the nuclear deal, they staked their local credibility on the principle that the US could be trusted to stick to its deals. Trump has proven them wrong, and the Iranian hardliners will be loving it, because it makes their local rivals look like suckers and it gives them a nice big foreign enemy to distract the grumbling populace from the mess that they’ve made of the economy.

Unless of course Trump invades. I wouldn’t put it past him, and if he does we all lose.


Trips insights into economics are “why would a rich man commit crimes to get more money?”


Israel disproves your comment


Except that doesn’t align with history. Iran has become most moderate, had the greatest internal pressure to change and had greatest ties to the west when there has been no sanctions and not been targeted by the USA. A harder line has always strengthened the hardliners positions.

Also last time the USA worked for over 5 years convincing China and Russia to come on board with sanctions. The deal took around 2 years to be agreed. Now that the USA has violated the treaty, why would they help negotiate a new one?


Extremely unlikely that the Iranian moderates get the hardliners to consider going to the bargaining table with the US again. Why would they when the US violated the agreement.


Trump’s latest tweet is about how he has been working with President Xi to help regrow ZTE, a telecommunications company, as a lot of jobs have been lost in China. He has instructed his Commerce department to get involved.

Not even a week ago ZTE phones were banned from US military bases by the Pentagon, because they were used by ZTE to compile intelligence for Chinese spy agencies.


The recently leaked list of questions that Mueller was looking to ask Trump in a potential interview was actually a deduced probable list put together by one of the President’s attorneys based on a verbal briefing of subject areas of interest given by the Special Counsel. According to the Washington Post.


Nothing to see here. I am sure there are no Trump businesses that will be positively impacted in China due to this move.

On a related note, it is fascinating to see all the companies that jumped at the chance to pay Trump’s lawyer exorbitant access fees and are now back pedaling once revealed.


One the most vocal and effective critics of the Iran Deal, Mark Dubowitz, says he wanted it fixed and not ended as the President decided. Dubowitz is the CEO the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.


In the spirit of bringing up Trump’s accomplishments the very MAGA friendly FoxNews had a stab at it and came up with 6 bullet points:

• Moving US embassy to Jerusalem
• Leaving the Iran Deal
• Release of prisoners and summit with Kim Jong Un
• Rising approval ratings
• Two judges rebuked Mueller investigation
• Making the economy great again

Pretty much got to 3 and then gave up making a case to anyone but the faithful.


The Art of The Deal:



Some days one just wants to crawl into bed and imagine this is all a bad dream.


Depends on what side of the place you sit. For those that support Israel, it is great, for those that support the Palestinians, it isn’t. There are always two sides on this issue and it will never change, no matter how much you might want it to.

edit: talking about the Embassy move, not the protests or the deaths


For those that hate people dying unnecessarily because of a bloated orange idiot arrogantly and ignorantly doing something totally inflammatory that everyone around him, including 96% of other World leaders expressly told him not to do … it’s not great, … at all.