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The story going round is that Hamas is putting families in the front line of the protest.
But if anyone thinks setting up the Embassy in Jerusalem could contribute to bringing peace to the Middle East …


How the F do 1300 people get shot protesting?


2400 people now. All Palestinian, as far as I can see. Haven’t yet seen a report of a single Israeli injury.

If these are really ferocious terrorists, they’re really bad at it. 2400-0 is a pretty unbalanced count for a clash between the military and armed murderous fanatics bent on destruction.

It’s pretty much what you’d expect from a massacre of unarmed protesters though.


Absolutely mind boggling and horrifying. I don’t know how anyone irrespective of their position on Jewish politics can defend that.


I’m sure this is entirely unrelated

Even if the White House is having difficulty explaining it


They put one of the most corrupt, inept, egotistical arsehols to ever grace the US Business arena in charge of the biggest most corrupt business in the World, … no one should be surprised when he lines his own pockets at will and fleeces the country of Billions.

He lied through his back teeth about being a Billionaire for years before they made him CEO, … but it will be true multiple times over by the time he walks out.


I can’t even! How do educated people in countries with freedom of information get sucked in time and time again by bull chit propaganda from despotic terrorist groups like Hamas???

If you bothered to check the facts, Hamas has driven the Gaza economy into the ground, and are purposely (but nowhere near as successfully as they hoped) and cynically driving their people into a situation where they are breaching Israel’s sovereignty, to create scenes and statistics that will draw out the sort of bombastic, one sided nonsense responses that are seen freely in this thread.

Yes the Gazan people are desperate. They have 60%+ unemployment rate, the billions of dollars that they are given are funneled straight to terrorists and terrorism rather than paying public service wages and building infrastructure, so Hamas use the time and tested method of blaming others for the situation, and use it to force the people into the most ridiculous situations.

Who takes women and children to the forefront when trying to militarily breach a border with a neighbouring country???

Why aren’t they being supported by the Arabs in the West Bank? By Egypt (the other country that maintains a security embargo on Hamas ruled Gaza)?

Israel does everything possible to minimize casualties while being put into an impossible situation 100% made by Hamas. If Hamas decided to try to breach the Egyptian border in Rafiah, there would be easily 1000 deaths not the 50 odd (again to be taken with a huge grain of salt).

The silly numbers of injured includes everyone that was effected by tear gas - the non-lethal method Israel uses to drive people back from the border so they don’t get themselves killed! I’m sure the actual injured numbers are nowhere near the 2400 being thrown around so freely.


Who is blockading Gaza?


Egypt and Israel


Egypt and Israel. With very little or no objection from any Western country, as Gaza is controlled by a terrorist regime.




There are different branches of Hamas. How do you expect people to survive if there is a blockade.


The blockade is only around certain materials that Hamas use to build the terror tunnels. Medical and food stuff get in fine.

Egypt also blockade with the same intent as Israel.


I’ve been talking to a PhD candidate at uni who just came from a field trip there. He showed me photos and talked me through his experience.

It looks and sounds like a diabolical humanitarian disaster in gaza. I mean gut wrenching.

The tunnels are like a billion dollar industry now.


Why are you asking me rather than just checking the freely available information?

Non military goods move unhindered into Gaza via Egyptian ports and through the border crossing (i believe in Rafah), and through Israeli ports and the border crossing in Kerem Shalom (which Hamas seem intent on destroying for some unknown reason).

They are also provided with gas lines (that were sabotaged last week), fuel and electricity. As well as vast sums of money for wages, which don’t actually seem to get to their destination.


More a statement then question. I’m doing a masters in the Middle East so fairly well versed in it.


Doctors Without Borders (i hope youre not going to write them of as hamas propaganists, since they called out Hamas in no uncertain terms in the same press release) last week reported that in the current violence, 39% of the 600ish injuries they were treating will require over 6 months rehabilitation, and that 91% were the result of gunshot wounds to the legs, mostly at close range.

These are not tear gas injuries. The strong impression I’m getting is that MSF are saying that these people are getting deliberately kneecapped.


Well, … they really shouldn’t try to kick away bullets …


It could be. I know they are using tear gas, rubber bullets (Ismail Haniya’s son was reported lightly injured by them), stinky water (i don’t know what its called in English), and i’m sure they would aim for the legs first if live ammo was unavoidable.

Don’t get me wrong, the vast majority of Israeli’s get absolutely zero joy from the dire situation of the Gazan citizens, and from deaths or injuries to the used and abused Palestinians.


They fell off their bikes.