Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


And ■■■■ the state of the world that I’m bloodly looking up the exact definition of the word “massacre”. ■■■■’s ■■■■■■.


When I was growing up one of the most iconic moments, was a people marching on a wall, to unify a country and bring freedom and peace to all. Now we shoot them. Good grief.



You’re an anti-semite.


So Israel celebrates winning Eurovision with a song protesting against bullying, then next day kills 60 people and injures hundreds if not thousands.


Can someone remind me why moving their embassy to Jerusalem is an achievement for the Americans? What’s in it for them? Or is it just for the fun of throwing gasoline onto a fire?


The protest was predictable. The Embassy could have been opened without fanfare , but it was turned into a huge political event, which could be seen as provocative.
Trump’s announcement of the move from Tel Aviv should have been enough for Israel’s claims of legitimacy.


Here’s the thing, I don’t really believe Israel had any choice here.

Trump. Trump had a choice. And when people started to complain that he was pouring gasoline onto the fire… this is what it looks like when you deliberately inflame tensions in a region already sitting on the edge of chaos. Chaos = deaths.

But apparently we were hating Israel and being all lefty or something.


Israel have F22 raptors don’t they? If i’m not wrong not even Australia is allowed to buy them from the US.


I don’t think they do.


F-15, F-16 & F-35 + Apaches and Eurocopters


Hmmm, must be thinking of something else then.



What adult of sane mind would think that an embassy is something to be so upset about that they would risk their lives to violently protest it?
Seriously, some of you obviously must think that all Palestinians are simpletons.

They deliberately protested over a spurious issue knowing what the consequences would be. What did they think the Israeli’s were going to do when they marched onto their border. Give them a pat on the back and let them in.

Actions have consequences. And I have no doubt that Hamas knew what would happen and are using it to try and get some sympathy.


In many ways Trump’s presidency has already been a success. His goal was to parlay the expected election loss into a profitable “Trump TV” network. Instead, he unexpectedly won, and had the keys to the safe handed to him and his swamp.

Everyday another piece of news comes out that, were it occurring anywhere else, would have the US media pointing to “third world corruption”.

While we are worrying about $30k tables and $200k private jet flights, Trump and his family are literally walking away with billions.

MAGA indeed. Except the first “A” stands for where the sun don’t shine.


You clearly have no understanding of the issues at hand. There is a visceral connection to Jerusalem for Jews, Muslims and Christians.

There is no prospect of lasting peace without a solution to Jerusalem. It is one of the most contentious issues. The US HAS effectively sided with Israel with its embassy. Can’t you understand that it represents such a blow to the Palestinians?


A judge has denied Manafort’s bid to have his indictments dismissed based on the assertion that the Special Counsel was exceeding his mandate.


And what does an embassy have to do with any of that?
At the end of the day its just a building with some Americans in it.

Lets face facts. Hamas have just used this as another excuse to accelerate violence as they know that the usual hand-wringers only need a slight push to use this as an anti-US, anti Israel (Jew) exercise.


The US has always sided with Israel. An embassy has been mooted with Jerusalem by successive Presidents since Bill Clinton was Chief. Trump was the only one with the balls to get it done.


“Spurious issue”.

You continue to appal me Trip. Nothing at all spurious in any part of this to Palestinians, including Trump putting an Embassy where he shouldn’t.

As someone who has been on the frontline of protests in Australia, I have always been aware of the dangers and consequences. Maybe if I knew that the other side were going to shoot me, I would not be there, but I am not Palestinian and anything I have ever protested about is not really significant comparatively. I am a strong supporter of Israels right to exist and have many good friends there, but I do not agree with the Likud Government policy and they need to stop their side of the violence, just like Hamas and others do. Sadly though, I cannot see it happening with the Arab World continuing to provoke and Israel and its Mates continuing to be violent and repressive.

And HM, any comparison of My Lai which was led by psychopaths, to a planned aggressive defence strategy is strange to say the least.


Good god.
60 dead = a slight push?

Moving the Embassy was inflammatory & unnecessary. If you don’t understand why recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is contentious & provocative, then I suggest you do some research before you comment.

As pointed out above, Trump had a choice & his decision has caused these deaths. The Israelis were always going to celebrate it. The Palestinians were always going to protest it. It achieves nothing for the US. No other President has been stupid enough to do it.