Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


You call the collective efforts of all past US administrations, plus the efforts of it’s allies since the 1950’s “doing nothing”?

You do realise that among all the dirty Deomocrat regimes, there have been a few GOP admins as well?


HuEr DeR tHaNkS oBerMah!


In my view it has to be a deal which involves strict supervision of the denuclerisation of North Korea, with a very tight tightframe for inspectors to be on the ground and clear rules for sanctions to go back on (and heavier) if targets aren’t met. North Korea get a lift of sanctions. So similar to the Iran deal, with stricter timelines.

North Korea has used too many “deals” in the past as simply a way to delay making any changes, an opportunity to keep working on their nuclear/missile technology and a temporary respite of sanctions. The west has not had any meaningful success from any of the deals. For that reason, for any deal out of this meeting to be a success in my book it can’t involve any delays, or opportunities for North Korea to weasel out of its commitments without harsh sanctions coming straight back on.

You seem to be woefully ignorant of the past history with North Korea. Plenty of attempts have been done.

Out of curiosity, will you be comparing any deal to the Iran deal? Is that a minimum benchmark for you since you think it was such a failure?


Can’t see why anyone would trust that any agreement reached would be adhered to by either side.

This meeting is only to serve the overblown egos of two megalomaniacs.


Those flags are confusing. Both countries really need an “away” design.


I don’t like trump as many know. But geez I want him to succeed here.

I’ll deffinitly give him praise even if he achieves only small steps. It’s got to be better than nothing.

I just hope he doesn’t ■■■■ it up. He and his administration don’t seem prepared for this.

Go trump.


I feel pretty much the same way but to be fair haven’t followed all the diplomacy of US government over the years.

Was the main reason there wasn’t meetings that they didn’t want to legitimise Kim or that he wouldn’t meet before Trump?


I agree on the first bit of praising him if he achieves something. I completely disagree with the second bit - “small steps” have been North Korea’s motto for avoiding any real confrontations and building their nuclear program for the last 20 years. And I totally agree with the final point (that he doesn’t fuck it up).


and we are done… for now


The chance of North Korea nuking anybody (apart from themselves in an accident) is probably close to zero. The truth that 100,000+ innocent people are being starved and tortured by a brutal regime is 99% certain.
Pretending to solve A and allowing B to continue is a massive fail. Shame on China for allowing this to continue just across from their border, but it is the international community which is collectively responsible to rescue these people.


Solving A is intended to mitigate B.
And the Nth Korean leadership is the one responsible for starving and torturing its people. Lets not absolve them of their responsibilities here.


In the past 24 hours Trump’s administration have said there is a “special place in hell” for Canada’s Justin Trudeau, and have heaped praise on the guy who sent one of their citizens home to his family brain dead in quite recent times. That in itself is surely a remarkable juxtaposition.


Im sure he’ll weave his magic and make sure Cuddles Kim stops executing his own family members.


What he says publicly is not what would be said privately. Only a fool would take what is being said literally.

Trudeau is a clown anyway. He should stick to playing dress ups.


Solving A is theatre for an international audience. It will not in any way stop the crazy korean from torturing some of his own people, as fear is how he holds onto power.

Your last sentence was unnecessary.


Given that it was a figure of speech, I’m not taking it literally.

But yes, you are right. Trump is bolder when tweeting from his plane.


I’m sure any deal will have a human rights component in it.

Be that as it may, the world is probably a better place than it was a week ago.


Trump is a pig who appeals to other pigs. On that, he appears to do better negotiating on a transactional level with despots than maintaining alliances.

But regardless, if he can play a small part in reducing the incidence of nuclear weapons, then kudos to him for that - it would be his first positive achievement. Meanwhile, lets see how it plays out.


Yeah, the guy with all the fantastic weapons, the best weapons, who also threatens to use them. Not his fault he inherited them mind you, but he’s not offering to downsize is he? I’ll be surprised if this turns out to be anything more than a show in the long term. Special K’s just going to concede, just like that??

Oh, and I completely agree with your first point…


So if I understand correctly from the brief skim of some articles - pretty much nothing was agreed beyond high level platitudes which North Korea have signed to and ignored for decades.

So North Korea got global recognition and the west got …