Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


This is all a show for Trump. Nothing but hollow rhetoric & platitudes, with a side of photo ops for the press, that will ultimately result in 2 fifths of fk all.

It’s all about trying to match Obama’s Nobel, he sees it as his best chance to do so.


This is a very simplified version of what happened.

A couple things to know about Facebook

  1. The more people in your area (friends or otherwise) that like or share a link, the more likely it is you’ll see it in your feed.
  2. Links with headlines from major news sites are, on first glance to an inexperienced or infrequent PC user, indistinguishable from links to blog/opinion sites.

So if I had the resources to do so, and wanted to push a particular narrative to a specific area, let’s say a marginal seat, I would do the following

a) create a few hundred (maybe thousand) basic profiles. Name, picture, hometown in said electorate. Make them all friends with each other
b) join local groups and like local businesses/brands, and through that send out bulk friend requests to actual residents of the electorate. Surely people wouldn’t accept a request from someone they’ve never met? Yeah, that’s why no online scam or “”“hacking”"" has ever worked.
c) Use those accounts to post up a few links to blog sites (might be written by me, might just be existing ones that share my view), and then go bananas with the like/share/comment button.
d) Actual residents are going to start seeing their news feed filled with these kind of stories, with hundreds/thousands of like and comments from “fellow residents”
e) In the meantime, I’ve found a candidate for that seat who somewhat shares these views. I say to him “hey check this out, heaps of residents of this electorate hold these views, maybe you should play along”
steps f-v) fill in the gaps

cost = labour of however many lackeys run the accounts, a few coffees for the candidate, nothing spent on the FB platform itself

You said it yourself in a later post, the messages would have to be consistent and over a sustained period of time. This method would do exactly that - messages pushed through a trusted source to many on a literal daily basis.

If you truly didn’t believe voters were swayed by what they see in the media they choose to consume, then why would any candidate in any election ever bother to spread themselves out over a variety of sources?




That is amazing.


nailed it 100% BD


Has been pointed out before, which he ignored. Expect the same or ‘fake news’ as a response.


[quote=“Mendozaaaa, post:5207, topic:11277, full:true” Has been pointed out before, which he ignored. Expect the same or ‘fake news’ as a response.

Or reference to the ordinary person not caring etc


Hey, nobody is actively shooting each other, I’m inclined to just wipe my brow in relief and move on. I had no idea how badly it COULD have gone.

Kim will cheat on this agreement (or this … restatement of the previous agreement, which he cheated on too) just like North Korea did after negotiations with the Bush and Clinton administrations. What progress there is will be glacially slow if non-existent, as it always has before. there are no timeframes in the agreement, as i’m sure everyone noticed. The danger is if Trump reacts badly once he realises that Kim played him and is ignoring the agreement and that maaaybe he’s not the uberDealMaker after all. He could very easily lash out in a way that no previous president would have been impulsive enough to consider, especially given than it’s blindlingly obvious right now that one of trump’s infallible triggers is anyone showing anything less than obedient deference to Trump.

In short, status quo, could have been worse, not out of thr woods yet.


It was a great TV moment.

I thought the writers did really well to build the tension up in season one.


Oh, but I spoke too soon, apparently he’s cancelled planned military exercises with South Korea because they were ‘inappropriate’ and ‘provocative’. He didn’t bother mentioning this to the south koreans beforehand, mind you, and he got absolutely nothing in exchange.

Small bikkies in itself, but if you’re a US ally under the impression that your treaty with the USA means anything worth a damn right now, you’re a ■■■■■■ fool.



Never before has one single image perfectly captured the current tone of human history.


Do we know where PotCoin’s price ended up?


imageI need to point a few things out to make this staggering image absolutely clear

This is Dennis “the Menace” Rodman, cross dressing former NBA rebounding machine

Wearing a TShirt promoting some sort of crypto currency that’s value is tied to pot while with no irony what so ever also wearing a Trump MAGA hat

At the Nuclar summit

Talking politics on CNN…

It’s completely amazing.


Trump suggesting that in 6 months he might find out that he was wrong but “I don’t know that I’ll ever admit that, I’ll find some excuse”. Points for refreshing honesty there.




The same Republicans who couldn’t understand the “horrible, no good” President Obama for trying to normalize relations with Cuba are fine seeing North Korea and US flags side by side as one despot shakes the hand of another.

All politics is drenched in hypocrisy but the Republicans are some next level ■■■■.


For example:

Act 1

Act 2




Teh LeFt. Obsessed with the most popular news network in the usa…