Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


I have made two mistakes.

  1. Opening this thread

  2. Reading the cancer in this thread

I’m out.


I think facebook is about done.
It’s waiting to be the next myspace.

Edit: It was a wild ride, though.


Yeah, it’s become a combined blog of random crap from around the internet instead of updates from friends. Only thing that keeps me engaged is the event organiser.


I’m pretty much out.
And no, I’m not saying that to be ‘cool’.
I’m really pretty much out.
I feel bad about not responding to birthday wishes.
I post LMW’s achievements, because I’m a proud dad.

The advertisements, the racism from people you thought you knew, the tired, tired memes, the privacy crap…
Yeah, I’m out.


now that it is fashionable to be “out” of Facebook, those who refused to ever sign up must be mega-cool.


in another league



I don’t like accusing you of being deliberately obtuse, but c’mon man…

I make the effort to try and teach you something that I know a lot about and you know not much, and you give me the old “herp derp not in my experience”

Yes, TV/radio ads have a larger reach but they also have substantially larger overheads - renting/maintaining production studios and equipment, staff/techs for the studio, script writers, graphic designers, broadcasting license fees, etc etc etc. Facebook has absolutely zero of that - the platform is already there and running, the content is done by the advertiser themselves, there are close to zero barriers; you could make and launch an ad in about four minutes. Come to think of it the amount they charge is pretty arbitrary really.


There is so much evil in this world…


I didn’t use chemical weapons on anybody


You can do some extremely targeted ads using Facebook. Want to focus on a 1km radius, you can do that. Want to focus on a particular demographic, you can do that. Want to focus on users who log in at night rather than the day? You can do that.

I’ve used it for recruitment for a volunteer fire brigade, looking for very local responders. It’s effective, very simple and worked a lot better than mass mail drops.


Just quietly, Kim’s fade is Fresh AF, bro.

I think he’s doing it to honour Conor.


All I know is that major companies continue to use traditional media to advertise and are prepared to pay significantly more on those platforms.

They would not be doing this if they had a much cheaper platform that did the same job.


Major companies use both.


Kim is plump af


Also looks like he’s fixin’ to shank someone…


But do you think the people who switch in Australia bother voting in the US? I can’t help being suspicious that the people who are less politically aware and/or tied into a “team”, are also the ones less likely to care enough to go out and vote.

Which is IMO a bad thing, and one of the reasons I’m a big fan of compulsory voting.


Actually we did a study about 25 year ago about this. There was a call from some on the Left to stop compulsory voting.

It seems the people who would vote, are the ones most likely to be swingers, and those who would not bother always vote the same way. Net effect was possibly no change in the end result whether compulsory or not.

Do you reckon EFC Board elections would be different if all Me,bets were forced to vote?


I think if all members were forced to vote in the EFC elections then the people with the most name recognition would get in most of the time. Which is a short step from then forming parties to create/carry on name recognition (well, if EFC elections were bigger and more important anyway!).



TRICK(le) down economics!