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Was in Tokyo for meetings and one of my Japanese colleagues was testing the waters in case I was a Trump supporter. So I asked he once again consider my ‘brown-ness’. He laughed and goes “I hate that ■■■■■■■ guy”. It takes a lot to make a Japanese swear and after the initial shock I couldn’t stop laughing.

Then he goes “The reason I was nervous was because name redacted, a senior female VP in our US engineering team, is a big Trump supporter.” That blew me away. She is a highly educated professional who not in a million years you would pick as a Trumpster. Republican for sure but not a fan of President Cheetos.

Got me wondering how many more closet Trump voters I work with in liberal San Francisco…



not long enough


There are plenty of supporters in NYC - that keep it under wraps



Can I do a mea culpa? Something has been eating away at me the last few years and I need to get it off my chest.

As some of the more tenured blitzers may recall, despite spending many years in Australia I was forced to leave as I did not make the points total needed for permanent residency (missed it by 5pts due to the increases in late 2001, my application was literally 7 days too late!).

In a post many, many years ago I had expressed (very immaturely and to be honest, heartlessly) my frustration that someone “could come on a boat” and be allowed to stay while I had to leave everything I knew and loved. Rightfully, a few blitzers called me out on the stupidity of that comment.

I could not have been more wrong. It was an incredibly selfish comment that current events have only made me cringe even more at.Compared to the folks escaping persecution, poverty and much much worse I have NO reason to complain. None at all.

When I look at the children and parents suffering (and realize this is just a tiny, tiny percentage of many more, unseen by cameras or reporters, suffering around the world) I feel very grateful for my situation - essentially a lucky lottery win of where and to who I was born.

Wish I would have had this maturity in my 20s…




This is just… wow…


Problem I have with that is it sort of shows Trump looking all paternalistic. In reality he should have been looking anywhere but at that poor child.


Good point that one. A republican commentator (not a Trump supporter) said (half-joking) that Trump’s supporters will actually order prints of this one as it makes him look good…


Harvey Weinstein is not impressed.


I posted a link earlier that showed that the girl in that picture was not separated from her mother at the time the photo was taken (stated by the photographer - he also does not know what happened to them), they were taken away together. While it might appear to be a rather poignant photo, it is using the wrong child to make the point.


THE father of the Honduran girl in the pink jacket who became a symbol of the “family separation” controversy engulfing the Trump administration has revealed she was never separated from her mother at the US border.


What a time to run out of likes!


Pity we were not on Blitz in 2001. Could have helped with your residency, learnt all about keeping my Staff intact back around then.

And don’t flog yourself, none of us realised even as late as 2001 what a shitfeast Australia’s border policy is.


Honest self-reflection is difficult, and admirable.


Top notch summary

Heard @RadioFreeTom say on @smerconish with @SykesCharlie: trump acts the way a weak man thinks a strong man would act, spends his money in ways a poor man things a rich man would, and says things that a dumb man thinks a smart man would say. That’s #QuoteOfTheWeek in my book.

— Kristin (@KChatwin22) June 22, 2018


Well put


Was probably too busy hiding an erection.


One image used thast isn’t within the context intended takes the whole focus off the actual issue of seperation.

On the otherhand, at least it proves they’re not crisis actors.