Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


This is what it was always about:


To be fair, that appears to be a crazy independent who last time got 0.4% of the vote.


is his name Adolf ?


38 North have an article about how satellite imagery shows that North Korea continues to make improvements to its nuclear research facilities.


This must have been a shock to the Dems:


Looking forward to the Democrats learning absolutely nothing from this.


They had a “yuuuuge” opportunity in the primaries to put the perfect candidate up against Trump and they squibbed it, in exactly the way described above.




Bernie was a weak candidate. He would have been crushed in the real thing if he’d somehow made it.


I guess we’ll never get to find out how wrong you are.

Much to the detriment of the U.S. and its corporate subsidiaries like Australia ™


Explain how


His key supporter demographics were in states that strongly break liberal anyway, and in groups who preferred him to Clinton but voted Republican. So his support would not have aligned well with the electoral college. He also would have been torn apart in the media as a communist and for a number of other stances which could have been spun against him. He has never faced that type of challenge on the national stage, being from a blue state.

His historical poor performance with minorities would also have hurt Democratic turnout. Finally, there is no strong evidence that a deeper left policy slant will actually win votes from the middle.

It is my view he would have performed very poorly.


I disagree with the media and turnout points, but just wanted to acknowledge that this a great reply :slight_smile:



Makes a refreshing change.


We are debating whether Hilary was a better candidate than Bernie? Really? How is that even a discussion?


Why is it so civil here? Have they given Trips a bit of a holiday again or something?


I potentially agree in the context of compulsory voting, but is there evidence Sanders would have achieved a similar/lesser turnout than Clinton?


See Aus politics thread.


Well there’s no evidence, but anernie was certainly generating more excitement - bigger rallies, bigger social media following, etc etc.

I said it at the time - of you wanted o actually design the worst candidate possible to run against Trump then it would have been pretty close to Hilary.


Given what the republicans managed to do with John Kerry, who was about as “safe” a candidate as you can get, I think anyone with Bernie’s views and some of his historical stances would have been red meat to the Republican base.

You also have to remember, the Russians were supporting* Bernie as well as Trump. That shows how they rated his chances.

'* by “supporting” I don’t mean colluding. I mean running events and facebook ads pushing his candidacy over Clinton.