Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


I’ve decided that I think there may be an element within the electorate desiring an outsider to shake up the system that is surprisingly unmoored. It may only be a small subset of the wider “outsider” kind of thing that animated groups like the Tea Party but I find it of interest.

You are taking me entirely too seriously, or I have written poorly and conveyed a breadth and conviction I did not mean to. I shouldn’t have used the word “Definitely” for starters.

What do you make of someone who was a Bernie Bro and then voted for Trump when Sanders’ lost the primary? Or someone who voted for Obama and then became a Trump voter?


Oops. My bad then.

On the first bit, I think they were probably a Republican who wanted Bernie to beat Hillary in the primaries. I also know of people who said they voted Trump because they thought he’d be so bad it would “bring down the system” and let Democrats start over.

On Obama, I suspect it was people who after the GFC & Bush voted against the Republicans, but after 8 years of Fox News saying how bad Obama had been, having no wage increases for 8 years and Obamacare! voted their normal path.

There may also have been some who believed his Coal/trade war/blue collar/anti-immigration stances, which given none of those were part of the 2008/2012 election cycles would be reasons to switch if they appealed to a voter.


Justice Kennedy retiring. Trump and the Republicans can now remake the court for decades to come.


Sorry mate. Most other things can be fixed, but I think this moment will impact Americans harder and longer than anything else in Trump’s term.


Democrats just need some balls. The number of judges is a convention not a law. Next president should just stack the bench. The republicans broke every convention getting their man up, so payback time.


Beat me to it.

Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse for murica, … it does.


Roe v Wade will be tested.


Forget tested, they will obliterate it. Got raped? Stiff ■■■■, you’re having the kid. Could die in childbirth? Bad luck for you cause bubs is a comin’. Under 16? Old enough to @%#^$ old enough to breed. As stated previously, this is the worst thing that can happen to America. Welcome back to the middle ages ladies and coloureds and bring on that white man nirvana.


Getting a little ahead of things mate. He hasn’t even gone yet and no one has been appointed. Maybe wait and see what happens first.


The list of judges he’s picking from have been provided by conservative legal think tanks. The position he’s filling is the current swing vote. There’s little realistic chance that Trump knows of, let alone will select, a moderate.


States will enact abortion laws knowing Roe v Wade will get overturned if he chooses a conservative judge.


Most likely is Roe vs Wade doesn’t get overturned, but doesn’t get defended either. Death by a thousand cuts. It will effectively be bypassed, even if it is still on the books.


Who was that turtle looking motherfker who insisted last time that a new one can’t be appointed until after the election? Anyone called him for comment or is he not coming out of his shell today?


Yeah, … McConnell and his arsehat mates filibustered Obamas Nom for 6 months, … against all conventions, … and installed one as soon as Dumbald put his fat rear in the seat, … and I’d almost bet they raised a shitload and found this guys price to get him to stand down now.

Not like the moderate and often casting member couldn’t, and would not be more inclined to wait until after the Mid Terms to make it more likely it’s someone like him who gets confirmed, instead of at the end of July.


Some loon shot up a newspaper newsroom and killed 5 people.

It’s ok though, the media are “the enemy of the people”.


Donald on the European Union: We love the countries of the European Union… but the European Union was set up to take advantage of the US

Secretary of State Pompeo a day or so ago: I expect the President will “make clear that meddling in our elections is unacceptable”
Trump today: nah they keep saying they didn’t do it. Also Hillary.


What a shifull thing to say. Have a look at this guy’s voting record. I doubt you’ll find many judges who weighed and voted for the issues like this guy did. Have a look at the fact that the bloke is 81 years old and thought he might like to retire and have a bit of family time. Not everyone is a buyable toady.

What’s your price? You must have one. That post would indicate you think everyone does.


Not much information on the shooter yet.

Reports say he scrubbed his finger prints or something along those lines.


The police are saying it was a targeted attack with threats sent over social media “as recently as today”.

Edit: looks more like a personal grudge against that particular paper for reporting on the shooter’s previous harassment charge.


Re: Supreme Court: the Dems will be regretting they ended the filibuster