Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that John Kelly, the WH Chief of Staff, will be retiring in the next month or so.

This follows on from reports that James Mattis, the Secretary of Defense, has little influence in the administration these days.


Is that a 4WD with a BBQ attached to the back???



however our thoughts and prayers are with those who we have failed to protect by still allowing morons to get hold of guns with simple ease


Well prepped nutcase.


That’s the price of freedom, snowflake.


According to the Wapo in a private meeting with France Trump asked why France didn’t leave the EU and then adding that he could give them a better trade deal if they did. The WH didn’t dispute the account.

Anti-Nato, anti-EU


I believe the name of this place you’re referring to is Gilead.


Of course trump did offer thoughts and prayers to the enemy. So that’s something.


Secretary of State Pompeo is flying to North Korea next according to Reuters. This follows in the wake of NBCnews reporting that the US intelligence agencies have determined that the North Koreans are improving their nuclear capabilities rather than reducing, or halting, development.


Name the towns.


I really hope this fkwit doesn’t choke on a Cheeseburger.


Who would’ve thought the North Korean regime would do that?


Usual Trump move in the face of one his failures.


Normel contry.


Good latte?

So the covfefe thing was an indication of things to come.


Got hopeful they were talking about the internal combustion engine for a moment.


Ted Cruz as a voice of reason a few times in recent weeks… God save us, and God save America.


Polaris motorcycles also considering moving some production overseas, in addition to the confirmed Harley Davidson, thanks to Trump’s trade war.



They are just scarily ignorant.
The stupidity is mind numbing.