Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


They must campaign volunteers. Maybe even paid participants because that can’t be real.


Fish in a barrel for Trump


We all know the moon is alien made projection making it impossible for anything to land on. Kubriks cute video obviously worked on these fking morons. LOL.


I used to think 50% of people were of below average intelligence. But now I’m thinking it may be more.


Wonder what median intelligence might be…


6 - 7?




Is that enough to really know if jet fuel can melt steel beams or not?


Give Grannies Guns…what could go wrong?

It looked like he was right though - she WAS difficult to live with.


He’s at it again.


The USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) is starting a de-naturalisation tastkforce targeted at what it calls ’bad’ naturalisation cases, people who were succesfully fraudulent in applying for US citizenship.


For the upcoming meeting with Putin Trump is reported to want a one on one closed door encounter. No aides from either side. No note-takers or official record.



How did he not golf when he was in North Korea!


And play a against a guy who gets 18 holes in one. Trump wouldn’t go for that.


Trump will insist that his holes are bigger. Make America Golf Again.


jesus farken christ that cannot be real. i’m a few days late, but christ on a bike how do these people breathe and function.


In through their mouth, out through their mouth


So does Trump speak Russian or Putin English?

Or will Trump just give Putin a blow job?


Option 3 at a guess.