Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


The people are frightening imbeciles.
How does a nation become so devoid of intelligence?
And to think we follow their every move like a farking shadow!


im just surprised/ disappointed that there needs to be a resolution to promote breastfeeding in the first place…

its a sad world we live in when you need government backing to provide the basic sustenance of life to a newborn.


Considering idiots think it’s fine not to vaccinate kids, I’m not.


Australia has had it’s issues in the past with trying to push women away from breastfeeding and going to formula only.


What’s wrong with that? I know I am a barbarian, people on Blitz keep telling me that so it must be correct.




lol no 'Boot


The minute abortion is made illegal, coat hangers go up in price.


I find it so strange.

If its a modesty thing, then its even more weird, because of all the women ive seen breastfeeding in public, they try their utmost to keep themselves modest, and youd only really see anything if indeed you looked really, really hard, in which case id be questioning the actions of the person doing the looking.


And there it is…
“Lead us not into temptation”


I’d reframe the questing into “How do you get a nation to continually vote against their own interests?’

The answer is any damned way you can.


See I don’t actually agree with that. They are certainly not devoid of it.

Looking at the US you can see how a nation can get to their position. You set up a democracy, then set it so people can vote for who they want to represent them and what they believe. Then you say the population is too big to make voting compulsory so you let people decide if they vote or not.

As history shows, if people are not forced to do something then more often or not they won’t. Apathy or laziness is a nasty little bugger that wrecks a lot of good intentions.

Then you have such a huge population that you have vastly different agendas with a large divide. Then you make being President all about a popularity contest/populist with heavy media involvement. The “smart” politicians take to that quite quickly and the very astute media savvy types start winning. The sensible, logical policy decisions go a long way out the door because people only hear what they want to hear and the rest they will vote against as the “smart” media savvy ones make it sound terrible. These media savvy ones also say all the right things to their target group and make sure to rev them up to come and vote.

Suddenly a guy with no idea how to run a country is in a position to run a county. He knows how to run a media campaign though (and, whether you like it or nit he still controlling the media campaign they way he wants it to be - hence all the tweets and stupid sound-bites, he is doing that for a reason). Going bankrupt isn’t an issue, he knows how to do that well and still come out on top. Thinks he can do the same to rebuild his country.

Whatever you think of Trump, he is smart, just not the smart you want running a country or the smart you want anything to do with really.



What a surprise.


Yeah nah, never do staff performance reviews one on one


My stock answer to “what do with time machine” is “go back and watch the fall of the Roman Empire”.

Don’t need no time machine any more.



He’s just pardoned terrorists.


Patriots mate. Patriots.


Couldn’t be a clearer guide to how your background influences the law and order response to your actions.


I’m not fussed about the Supreme Court, Trump seems to understand that the tolerance of Congressional GOP leadership for his foibles is in no small way dependent on these judicial picks. Senate Majority Leader McConnell anyway, Paul Ryan seems to have collapsed into himself and negated his own existence.

When I say not fussed I mean in the sense that the picks have been from the normal conservative vs liberal grab bag, and I recognise that there are real potential consequences for people in how that pendulum swings. But they don’t represent a stepping up of attacks on or politicisation of law enforcement and the judiciary.

Trump didn’t try and appoint Judge Jeanine Pirro from FoxNews for example, though she has been hoping to replace Sessions as Attorney General.

That said McConnell should have held confirmation hearings for Merrick Garland even if he wasn’t confirmed. That remains self-serving nonsense on McConnell’s behalf.