Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


It’s not bias or made up.

If it was there would be stories of the opposite happening. I mean there are sycophantic tales of aides praising the god king. But there are zero stories of either his business or political career of him leading teams effectively and making great decisions.

He is a fraud who has been found out.


The stories coming out of his behaviour behind closed doors are completely consistent with his behaviour in public appearances, his behaviour on twitter, his behaviour with foreign leaders,his behaviour on The Apprentice…

Sure, the media is covering it all, probably in too much detail, but I can’t see how the overall theme is wrong.


The likelihood a pure falsehood on behalf of the newspaper would be uncovered is high, and in the current climate would end them. So I can’t see them taking that risk.

If you mean they could have been taken for a ride by the source, then yes, that is possible.


The majority of his issues and scandals have proven to be true and most of his character issues and his inability to ‘manage a p*ssup in a brewery’ we’re well know to anyone willing to have a decent look.

He is not a business genius or a super deal maker. He is a fraud on these issues. Only someone momentously bad can own a casino and go broke.

The media is far from perfect. They love a drama and will run with thugs like crazy. (Not finding MH 370 turned a sad 3 day story into 3 months of breaking news) but they are slowly catching up with the dumpster fire that is Donald Trump.


That’s the thing I’ve never understood. This sense of “oh, he’s really just a shrewd operator who’s bluffing everyone” and then people are taken aback when it turns out that really who he is.


Lol. Apparently he’s not taking this at all well. Wants to “fire everyone except his own family”.


Problem is the commentary in OP-ED dovetails with the characterization in the Bob Woodward book.


Jarrod or Ivanka indictment today or tomorrow please.

He’ll demand something more than CAPITALS!


Give him time, he’ll get to them too.

I’ve thought for a while that the end of Trump’s story is him on one side of a courtroom and his kids on the other, each side trying to lag on the other to save their own skins.


Yep. I’ve foreseen the same thing.


Whoever wrote that article has a higher level of moral culpability, not lower. If you know what is happening, and you don’t agree, the only truly moral thing to do is resign. I bet the attempts at internal sabotage aren’t nearly as extensive as the writer would have you believe.

And also, if the writer did believe that those attempts were an effective and morally justifiable form of resistance, why would you lay out the whole game plan in the newspaper, effectively ending it as an effective form of resistance by ensuring that Trump is now aware of it?


You assume if one person resigns they are replaced with someone good.


No im not, but I don’t think that changes the argument


So do you resign when there is a chance your replacement will do more harm then good?


If you took that attitude no person would ever resign on moral grounds from any position. That’s ridiculous


If you wanted to reach really really really really really really really really really far to find justification for sticking around then yeah I guess you’d end up there.


Stupidity to resign and leave him unfettered if you have the capability to muzzle at least some of his lunacy. The immoral thing would be to resign and let him run amok.


My comment didn’t apply to every situation. You know that.


Yep. Trump is so dangerous he’s nearly started WW3 twice. & might have if not for me getting in his way, … I should resign on moral grounds & let him appoint a yes man to my spot who won’t stop him as I can and have.

OK, cool. Morally right thing to do.

I don’t get that argument SMJ,… At all.


A sentiment shared by every enabler who has ever worked for someone immoral. Whatever helps them sleep at night I guess