Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Come on BSD. You really believe that this person is part of some noble resistance? They’re far more likely to be someone with an extremely guilty conscience who is engaging in historical revisionism to try and justify their extensive sins.

And it’s been written and printed in the full knowledge that the house of cards is likely about to come tumbling down; and when it does, all of the people complicit are going to have to explain themselves.


You make an interesting point.
Even at W’s most bumbliest there were insiders reporting that out of the spotlight he was a very intelligent and compassionate man.

I haven’t seen anything like that for Trump.


Somewhere between these two comments is probably the real answer.


Yeah look thats fair.

As a (crappy, by no means perfect) point of comparison. Lots of people worked for the Nazis. Some of them didn’t agree with everything and even tried to undermine or frustrate some elements of the agenda. But they still stayed around, worked for the regime, enabled extensive injustices and by not resigning en masse, provided the regime and their actions with a veneer of legitimacy.

Those people aren’t revered. They are in fact reviled, and lots of them were prosecuted as war criminals.


Yep, W is a good comparison.

Even Trumps long time friends don’t have much good to say about him. It’s “oh that’s Donald” and you can feel the eye roll as they say it. The best they muster is he can be a fun and generous guy to be around.



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You think whoever wore this piece is comparable to Schindler? Come on Ding

(Also I knew it wasn’t a perfect analogy)

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Hey, Mike.
I think you dropped something.


No, obviously.

But he is a counterpoint to your argument that you cannot do any good from within the system, regardless of how evil.


I think there are two different categories of staff.

If your on press staff or economic role then sure I agree with SMJ.

If your defence/national security then I am glad they are staying and contains him.


Agree there are extreme cases. I think they are very very much the exception rather than the rule


yeah, sorry, should have included it originally but got distracted by a moth.


Seems we view things very differently.
I would call resigning and not being able to do anything anymore cowardly.
The easy option.


Seems like a lot of all round self incrimination going on here. Trump tweets that Sessions should have found a way to exempt two Republican Senators from the rule of law because it politically suits him (Trump). How is this not in itself an attempt at collusion.
The OP-Ed actually plays into the hands of your Jones type conspiracy theorists who rail against the deep state. A lot of people seem to be fine with this because it’s Trump but imagine if this was a move against Bernie Sanders.


I don’t agree, but you are making an assumption there that resigning is ‘doing nothing’.

Let’s say this guy is Pence. Resigning would create extraordinary pressure on Trump, such is that he might also be forced to go, or is not supported or undermined by his own party and thus is unable to achieve anything.

It’s doing something, not nothing.



It might as well be Schindler, then.


Given how fanatical some people in the White House seem to be about serving their country, I mean…I’m referring here to someone I met who worked 14 hour days unpaid there, I think ‘How can I best serve my country in this situation?’ is definitely a question they’d be asking themselves.
And I don’t think many would be answering it with, ‘by resigning.’

Edit: Although, having said that, a lot of people have done just that!


You’re right. I mean you don’t get paid for resigning.

And I’m sure their stories of slightly delaying one of Trumps actions that one time will go down great with their grandkids.


lol this would be close to the pinnacle of self-interest/aggrandisement

“But without me here, who knows what could happen?”


Trump just thinks he’s immortal.