Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Cheeky edit, Mr R.


Sorry, but virtually everything you responded with here is pure, outright assumption.

Clearly this, written with the obvious knowledge that,… Total guesswork. & just what you think is the case,… you have no idea the motivation behind it, it’s just the colour of your thoughts.


The typo is actually in your post.


You sure about that? :grinning:


Nope. It’s me using my own knowledge and intelligence to critically assess and evaluate what’s been written.

Or maybe I could just read what’s written and take it as gospel. I guess that does save using any brain power, so that’s a big plus

And actually, speaking of assumptions, how many are there in this one sentence of yours:


I like stories.


Yep, stories are cool.


Stories about a person who magically stopped World War 3 are the best type of stories


Yep, that is a good story too.

But I’m not saying that is clearly and obviously certainly the case… am I.


New Nike ad is pretty good. Going to be played during NFL first round.


its getting up to Apple levels of pretentious. its cringe.





I’m with @bobo and @SMJ on this one. They elected Trump, not the white house staff. I’m ok with someone swiping the nuclear launch codes so nothing goes off by mistake, or stopping illegal actions. But some of the things described here are simply policy/strategy differences. They may think tearing up a trade agreement is terrible for the US, but that isn’t their call to make.

Staff do not have the right to do this, and it reeks of the conservative right’s “deep state” hoodoo. Ironically, from what it says the deep state is from republican staff. I mean, arguing “we’ve got Trump covered, so you can still vote for him”, has got to be some of the dumbest, most circular reasoning ever.

The reality is, all of those republicans who have been working in the white house and keeping their distaste hidden, are elected to federal or state parliaments and who keep their distaste hidden while praising him, are all enabling him. They can all be arguing “well, I’m restricting him in this space, and will get this legislation tailored, and I’ll pipe up when he’s too extreme, but otherwise staying in power as a Republican is more important” are all part of the problem, not the solution. Their actions have legitimised Trump and the tea party, and normalised the crazyness of the right. Especially as the Far Right news media only interviews/takes news stories from the right. So if they keep quiet, the everyday far right viewers have no idea of the things Trump is doing which is wrong.

You want bravery? These guys need to go onto Fox news, far right media outlets, and say “our President is wrong and has been lying on X, Y and Z”. It won’t happen, because they want power to much.

And yes, not speaking up and not resignng is cowardly, weak, and against the spirit of democracy.



You almost wonder if this was written by Trump’s team. It “vindicates” the deep state conspiracy theory, and at the same time allows Trump to claim his agenda was foiled by underlings. The fact he should be in charge of the underlings will be completely ignored…


You mean: why would a Republican layout the game plan for containing their potential electoral liability prior to midterm elections?

At the end of the day the Republicans have managed to get quite a lot of their policy agenda enacted during the Trump presidency and they’ve avoided any Trump-led calamities. That’s the message they’d want to be putting it there.


I have to agree.

This article is one of the most cynical, appalling things I’ve read for quite a while.

We’ve got some anonymous high official telling us all about how terribly incompetent and irrational Trump is and how valiant that small band of heroes is who tirelessly work to stop him blowing up the world in a senile tantrum. But then he tells us that, while the Constitution has a method or removing an incapable president from office, they are soberly declining to take that option for fear of provoking a constitutional crisis.

Hello? He already said that appointed officials are utterly ignoring the president’s orders, stealing papers from his desk so he doesn’t make decisions they don’t like, etc etc etc. There already IS a constitutional crisis, by his own testimony, if that sort of thing is going on. He has the choice of a legal, constitutional option to remove Trump from office (by testifying loudly and publically that the President is incapable and should be removed) which will result in himself getting sacked by Trump immediately and losing power, or he can ■■■■ on the Constitution, place himself above the president, and retain his high office. If he belives what he says about how bad Trump is, his duty here is clear (and the legal ramifications for doing what he confesses to have done to avoid carrying out that duty are equally clear)

What the hell good did he expect this article to do, for the country? He must have known it’d make Trump utterly wild and he’d quadruple down on hunting leakers and not trusting his advisors - so if he really believes what he’s doing is necessary, why has he gone public knowing that this article will provoke Trump in such a way as to make this ‘management’ much harder? Also, what happens when there’s a REAL emergency, or Trump manages to evade his keepers and do something drastic and irreversible. Nukes Iran after a terrorist attack, for instance? This guy has been responsible for keeping trump in power so he could do that.

Like I said, cynical, opportunistic, and self-serving, cloaked in a phoney facade of patriotism, If he believed anything he said in this article, he wouldn’t be writing it. But it reads to me like a preemptive version of basically every post-war memoir written by high-ranking Nazis “sure, i worked for him, but i was one of the good guys! It would have been MUCH worse if it wasn’t for me, you should all be grateful! And i never knew ANYTHING about the real bad stuff in time to stop it! But hey, at least we got the autobahns built and the trains to run on time and cut tax for billionaires, so it wasn’t ALL bad, right?” He’s knows that once it all works out it’s likely that anyone from the Trump administration will be irredeemably tainted, and he’s trying to hedge his bets and shore up his post-Trump career before that happens.

Pathetic beyond words.


You also have White House staffers who are ‘non-political’ career type public servants


To use your example of fascist Germany, there were plenty of Resistance members within various organisations of the Third Reich everywhere from Vichy France to the German Army and Nazi Party. Not all of them infiltrated their way in, some had changes of heart and or changes of mind for a multitude of different reasons, some noble and some not so.


That article is terrible.

It’s basically someone almost admitting to treason.

You don’t have to agree with the trump administration, but if that is the case you quit and run in opposition.


Admitting to treason against a treasonous Prez is a bit more complex.