Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


People are outraged over Trump’s behaviour at the 911 memorial.

After the amount of time he has been at the top and the amount of time he has shown he is simply classless, it amazes me that people still get outraged.


Mate, you’ve got consistent form on this one. You frequently bring up Democrat minor issues when major Republican outrages are reported. Your whataboutism is consistent and to complain on being called out about it is petulant.

Trump did something only third world dictators do, and your response was that the Democrats don’t like the ICC either. as if what they’ve said and done has been in any way comparable. To have your first comment not even mention the Republicans and Trump but only mention the Democrats is deflection.

And I called you on it. When it talks like a duck, quacks like a duck and acts like a duck, it’s probably a duck.

If you disagreed with my assessment of whether we had a terrible injury run with our small forwards, perhaps you should have replied to my post in the thread I posted it.


Petulant is your behaviour when busted speaking crap.

No you didn’t, you behaved like an idiot who didn’t know what he was talking about.

You would know all about that, maybe have a good look at your posting.

Oh I did, you blithely ignored it. It’s what you do best. Nit-pick on things you claim to know but go missing when called on it.

No it was not a deflection, it was to point out that the Dems and Repubs actually agree on this issue. How it was delivered by Bolton is another point of issue and I wasn’t commenting on that.


Paul Manafort is now in discussions with the Special Counsel over a potential plea deal on the remaining charges he faces. As reported by the Washington Post.


It’s a constant mystery to me why so many people seems to get defensive or upset about things only to get bored of it 5 minutes later and not learn anything of substance. Then they go about their business until the next thing upsets them seeming to repeat the same behaviour. I have no idea if humans have always been this way or if it’s some kind of new phenomenon. It certainly gets taken advantage of.


Social media. Posting something is seen as “taking action” so people feel like they’ve contributed (when they really haven’t) and they feel good about it and move on.


I can have an opinion on something while at the same time realising my opinion means squat.
Especially on a topic like US politics.

Just expressing myself.
I’m not going to start a revolution in a completely different country.
Or even this one.




Well I wish you would, both of them need it.


I’m too corrupt to be a leader.


Mate, you are still trying to argue “Dems and Repubs actually agree on this issue”. Which is bollocks. Its like saying that two houses in a street have an issue with the behaviour of third house on the street, and you equate one saying “We won’t attend parties at their place” as a response as equal to the other one saying “we’re going to burn their house down”.

Its true they both have an issue with the ICC as it relates to the USA. To equate them as agreeing on the issue is a such an exaggeration that it might as well be a lie, given the quite public stances of the Democrats versus the Trump administration in reacting to it. They agree there is an issue. They don’t agree on the response. And given how disproportionate their responses are, to bring up heh, the Dems have an issue with the ICC as well in response to Trump’s administration’s actions is deflecting.

Link please. I replied multiple times to our discussion on injuries in the midfield. I replied to HAP on the forward injuries. I don’t think I missed any post of yours on the forward injuries, but happy to be corrected. Its not like its hard to miss a post here or there.


Don’t know if this tit for tat is in the spirit of the thread title or not, but it’s ■■■■■■ annoying. And people complain about puns and name jokes.

Sincerely, Burnt Cabbage


“Tremendously big and tremendously wet”


Such a cruel phrase.
I had so much tat when I was a teenager…


Yes you did, I replied so maybe spend some time and look for it.

As for the rest, thanks for admitting you were wrong that I wasn’t deflecting and that the two parties agree that the ICC should butt out of US issues.

As for how the two parties respond, well, again, I wasn’t discussing that so nice deflection by you when realising you got it wrong on what I was saying.


I entered into many a tete a tete but left with nary a tit and negligible tat

Yours, Blunt Damage


Apparently it works far better in New Orleans, but I’ve never been.


So the Stormy Daniels tapes have leaked then


BTW this would not have happened if someone hadn’t bothered trying to tell someone else what they meant by what they wrote.

Sincerely Burnt Cabbage


You’re fine, if we can’t have interminable debate in this thread where can we?

Broke Sausage