Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Yes, but the tremendously big and wet thing is in objective reality equivalent to how tremendously big Trump’s hands are.


Is this some allusion to crambe repitita?
It’s quite good, if so.


Sure you can. However, if you’re getting surprised as well as upset by things going on in US politics at the moment, though, you probably haven’t been paying much actual attention over the last couple of years.


I was thinking either Stormy’s storms in a D Cup or Cheeto’s grotesque, enormous oiled up baby body. Neither gave me joy to think of. I wonder if Trump will try to buy off Florence?


This thread has jumped the shark. :slight_smile:


I wish, no I was harking back to golden era of the Brant Colledge thread which birthed an epic run on such name-foolery. But yeah, warmed over indeed!


Quickly with another article or you’ll lose it forever DonMania. Apologies for the digressions


I hear that the latest tornado in the US is catching up sharks, maybe that’s why this thread has jumped said shark?


Watching “Active Measures”, the new documentary on Russia, money laundering, and Trump. Pretty methodical and well structured so far. 30 min in.



Does it mention how he boasted about how the towers coming down meant his tower became the tallest in manhatten, on the same day they came down!!


Real world consequences of electing this administration. People are going to die as they did in Puerto Rico.


An update to this. Further reporting on this says that Manafort is actually pushing for a plea deal that does not involve co-operation with the Special Counsel, at least in relation to Trump.


Interesting article. I could see a Kamala Harris / Beto O’Rourke ticket being a strong one.


Ah yes, that well know leftist publication, The Wall Street Journal, up to no good:


Matthew Knights has recovered well.


No comments:



How can the be sure? They have no electricity anyway.


Latest is that a “tentative” deal has been struck, and will be announced in court soon.

Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer, also in the past day or so blurted out that Manafort and Trump’s lawyers have a joint defense agreement.