Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Probably death cap.


Can you put it in a milkshake?


Missed that one and can’t seem to find it online :frowning:

As long as they didn’t use the words Donkey Schl*ng…



The Legend of Donald: Breath of the storm


I’m not sure which end the “toad” is on.


Twitter has exploded with Rosenstein news. Potentially sacked.


Yeah… stunning. Although many reports now saying he will resign. Depends if their source is WH (resign) or DoJ (sacked).
Wow the US is just a dumpster fire at the moment.


Nothing has happened to him at this stage. It is interesting though that he thinks it is a good idea to secretly record the POTUS and then get him dumped from office. As the deputy AG that is quite a thing to say.


But it’s also pretty pedestrian as compared to what POTUS and his administration say.


That’s true 'Boot, very embarrassing set of circumstances all around.


Pretty embarrassing country all around IT.


To be fair there are differing accounts of what exactly went down. Apparently one account has him exasperatedly saying “What do you want me to do, wiretap him?!?” Regardless agree on the being embarrassing. USA! Number One!


Anenatti on the Maddow show right now dropping massive bombs re new witness to go public within 48 hrs with incredibly serious allegations as to Kavanaghs college behavior,


Right now, if I was looking to go public with serious allegations against one of Trump’s mates, Avenatti is the absolute last lawyer in the world I’d go to.

Regardless of the merits of the allegations his clients are making, you’d have to be wary of his self-promotion getting in the way of him doing his job. A good lawyer is invisible. This guy looks like he’s using all this mess as a launching platform for his own political career.


Do you guys really , truly believe this hornswoggle.


Which particular hornswoggle?


I think there is more than enough credible proof that Kavanaugh (a product of the “assh0le factory” of an all boy’s prep school as Bill Maher put it) has more than a few skeletons in his closet. His mates are in hiding lest they be asked to validate said skeletons in front of the FBI. The most ironic part is that Kavanaugh (as part of Ken Starr’s inquisition) was insistent on asking Bill Clinton extremely explicit details of the Lewinsky affair. Weirdly being reticent now.


Republicans gonna republican


Is there any other kind of all boys prep school?