Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Interesting when the fruitcake’s candidate gets up all kinds of fruitcake ideas come to light.


This should be a massive story and I think it might become one if not for the fact that it lacks the salacious nature of all of Trump’s other controversies.

I mean this guy comes from a family of cons…


Sad thing is, no one really cares.
I have never seen teflon like this guy has.


People care, it’s just the wrong people don’t care.


The only people that really care are poor people. All the rich people, all the politicians from Repubs to Democrats could not care less. They all do the same thing to make their money.


He tells outright lies.

Carry on.


Anyone who cares has pretty much gone into shock that he repeatedly stoops lower and it has zero effect on his support. Hence the, not surprised by anything anymore and giving up.


Um, everyone who cared suspected pre-election. Its not like there wasn’t plenty of information indicating that he’s helped launder money, rip off the 911 fund, etc. etc.

But nobody on the right cares.


Am I misremembering, or did a bunch of Democratic-controlled states pass laws after trumps election that candidates for president must release their last 7 years of tax returns in order to get on the ballot? Might be interesting if Trump lasts that long…


If Dems win congress there is a mechanism they can use to get his tax returns.





Trump must be slapping his hand away all the time.


JC: that’s it Donnie, take away their healthcare. And give yourself a big tax cut. I work in mysterious ways!


That’s the shot of him taking the pen out of his hand, … the next frame shows JC’s hands going around his throat.

A very timely 2nd coming it would be,


Trump is an act of God; so is herpes, earthquakes and the Armageddon


Anyone notice how much Michael Avenatti looks like the weird banjo kid from Deliverance.


Kavanaugh confirmed. Thank you, 43% of eligible voters who didn’t vote in 2016. The direction of the Supreme Court is now set for a generation.


Better hope most of those folk roll out for the mid terms.


And for the rest that is a good thing.