Make the US Politics Thread Great Again




‘…in my opinion.’
Is what he meant to say.


While some of the population are not happy about Kavanaugh being given the role on the SC (like DM), the other side of the population are happy.

Social media is lit up something fierce on this today. Both sides of the debate are going off.


Joints never been so divided since the Civil War.

May as well just reinstate the Mason Dixon, and all the Bible Bashers Bullies Bullshitters and Blowhards can go back south.

The progressives can have the North and California, … and then embargo the fkers until they come out of the DarK ages.


I don’t think it’s quite right to say that the nomination falls entirely on partisan lines.
Republican doesn’t equal anti-Roe v Wade.


Nor is Kavanaugh going to just run out there are overturn that decades old case. He has already said it was precedence that has been re-affirmed multiple times.


I don’t really suspect he would.

It’s kind of funny though, like here in Australia, as long as they have it in theory it doesn’t seem to bother them overly much that they don’t have it in practice.


I seem to recall that he’s said the opposite a couple of times too. But the challenge to Roe vs Wade won’t be direct, it’ll be nibbling around the edges, imposition of all sorts of extra hurdles and restrictions around abortion, not an outright ban. And I think the Repubs can be reasonably sure he’ll vote along an anti-abortion line if those sorts of cases come before the supreme court.

But he’s not being appointed to the Supreme Court because of his views on abortion, he’s being appointed because he has an extremely generous interpretation of the amount of immunity to prosecution that is granted by the office of the President.


Yep. Great day unless you are:

  • a woman who believes in having rights over her own body
  • a minority
  • gay
  • a believer in gun control
  • a believer in climate change



Ok. You’re statement could be interpreted a number of ways.

I do think it’s a bit disengenuous to imply that 57% approve the nomination. More likely 25%-33%.


And how many really disapprove? Probably about the same. In the US very few actually care about either side of the argument or care about much at all.


I think it would be more than that as my impression is moderate Republicans as well as true moderates (and anyone left) are pretty annoyed about Kavanaugh. If they’d put up someone like Gorsuch then none of this occurs.

Instead, it now looks like the Republicans forced through a candidate who is openly partisan, lied under oath and is possibly a sex offender.


Not even close to one.


Very likely is one.


I am watching the College Football and I swear they care far more about that than they do their politics. They are crying over a fumble.


Is indisputably one.


Couldn’t be more sex offendery if he tried.
Case closed.


Anyone who watched Blaisey Ford’s testimony and has half a brain has no doubt he is one.

Everything said about him fits with an entitled white boy college jock pizzing up in the 80’s and exerting his privilege, … which is exactly what he was & is.

Total flog.


Ha ha indeed.

Makes Rolf Harris look like Mother Theresa.