Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Have you check out her testimony properly or just watched her and gone with the vibe thing?

Swiss cheese has less holes in it.


He is, I’m afraid.
Completely a sex offender.

And I know this because, like yours, my opinions are not so secretly facts


Ignore it.


Not even close.


Yes, you’re right there.
Mine was in fact satire.


Don’t worry, just enjoying riling up someone else.


I appreciate your concern for my worry.
Thank you.


Not you


The delusion is strong in this one.


Pro-Corporate, anti-women and pro-corruption

That’s the Republican trifecta


Collins will pay dearly for her decision.
But I was way more surprised by Flakes support. Fkn amazing.


And a wanker - there’s your quadrella right there.


But he was the pussygrabbers boy, … saw himself reflected in him.

They must be so proud.


Flake’s support is either down to him having a future Presidential run or not wanting to pisoff Kavanaugh’s corporate backers risking his post-public, private lobbying job.


Regardless of the truth or otherwise of the allegations against Kavanaugh, a judge who openly rants about organised conspiracies against him by the clintons and the democrats is unqualified to be on the supreme court. He cannot hear any politically charged cases and even pretend to be neutral. His presence on the court corrodes any pretence it might have towards being non-partisan.

And that’s before you get into his utterly transparent lies under oath at his senate hearing, even about relative trivia like whether he drank heavily as a teenager,

Nobody on the left of politics liked the Gorsuch pick, especially after the crap the republicans pulled with Obama’s nomination of Garland, but even he was distasteful rather than unqualified. Kavanaugh should not even be near the supreme court.


Not even close?


Kavanaugh’s confirmation will only add momentum to the blue wave midterms

It’s Salt in the wounds to female voters and D’s

and the R’s no longer have an open SC seat to motivate them


Of course her testimony has holes in it. It was a long time ago. So things people like Trump and his fox cronies regard as holes, such as, I don’t remember how I got home, seem perfectly reasonable to me. You might very well forget such details, but you wouldn’t forget some ■■■■■■ jock trying to stick his ■■■ up you while you tried to scream.

But were hers has holes, his, according to college mates who aren’t his lapdog cronies now, is full of lies.

I know which side I would choose to believe.


Her best friend who was there (according to her) says that her testimony has holes in it.

It is also amazing how much she flies for someone who can’t fly, or how well she lived in a small apartment despite not being able to be in small apartments. Or the fact that she was late teens…no wait, middle teens, no wait, she was exactly 15. As for getting home, this was before mobiles, she said her best friend was there, yet she says she didn’t get a lift home from anyone, didn’t call anyone from the house and didn’t call anyone at all. Then has no memory of how she actually got home? Sorry 'Boot her testimony is no way enough to even hint that Kavanaugh did anything wrong. She took that to court she would lose by a very long margin, if it even made it to court.

The court of public opinion though is a powerful thing.

Who knows something may have happened to her at some stage but her recollection of the exact person who did this is very thorough yet lacks any detail on any of the other issues, including who was there, when it happened, how it happened, how it ended, is nothing short of amazing.

I will end with this though: I didn’t care of he got the job or not. In fact I was surprised he stayed in there because traditionally the nominee normally pulls out saying they don’t want the whole thing tainted. SO to have him stay taints the process some what.

And I have always been very strong in my support of women and abuse, that should be clear from a lot of what i have posted in many threads. I just don’t believe the evidence that has been presented, it has too many holes in it, the other 2 women were of a different type of complaint (so not consistent evidence or history) and it seemed a little to organised.


I have very precise memories of certain things in my teens, followed by absolutely no memory of what happened immediately afterwards.
I could guess at other people who were on the premises, but I couldn’t tell you with any surety.
Couldn’t tell you how I got home.
Couldn’t tell you the exact date.
I would probably stumble on the year, but I’d get there eventually.

I don’t know if that’s common, but it seems I share that with Ford.