Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


In so many ways.


The upcoming elections are all senate and house ones.


The Senate is also specifically meant to be equal representation for States rather than individuals. It’s likely that any Senate doesn’t represent the overall votes.


Bernie campaigns biggest obstacle was the lack of air time he received from MSM and the lack of debates and the timing of those debates, which were usually competing against football.

The more people heard him speak the more people liked him, it was the opposite in Hillary’s case.


To refer to the USA as a Democracy, is just a fkn joke really.

The most undemocratic non representative facsimile of a Democracy you could construct.


They don’t call themselves a democracy. They define themselves as a republic.


And the Founding Fathers hated the idea of a democracy.


They also hated the idea of religious authority and orthodoxy.


First time I’ve ever seen Trump write an Op Ed. Although i don’t know how much of the writing he did.


If there’s no bits in crayon, someone else wrote it all.


This is a fascinating and often unbelievable read. I honestly thought it was satire. It is not.


Make Crayons Great Again




The publication that allowed him to smear his orange poo on a wall for transcription, by not running an opposing piece reveals its…ah what am I saying? Like Jane’s said, Nothing’s Shocking.


That first sentence alone has his “stream of consciousness” touch. He would have dictated it at least.

-edit- I actually read it. He didn’t write any of that.


The videos in this link are… well… just watch them…


What is the technical term for a grouping of imbeciles?


In this context, I think it would be a “trump of imbeciles”.


The moment when Kanye whips out his phone, types his “000000” password in full view of cameras, and shows Trump his proposed “iPlane” hydrogen powered airplane, is America in a nutshell. If you can’t appreciate the next level idiocy happening at ostensibly the most powerful desk in the world then I just don’t know…


A blitz of imbeciles ??