Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


From the outside, as you would well know by being a regular here, the grand old image of American as land of the free, the land of milk and honey etc etc, have been demolished, (decimated if you will), and replaced with division, hate, fear and ugliness.


Yes it will, and it already has.


Like when he said “would” but later said he meant to say “wouldn’t”?! When talking about Russian interference?


That’s another issue and we know he farked up there. He was intimidated by Putin and crapped his daks.


A quick Snopes check on the Democrat thing.
It would be quite something for someone to be ‘a registered Democrat’ from the age of 21 to 56 and then have Obama in rifle sights on his van.

In the hours after Sayoc’s arrest, a series of edits were made to his MyLife page, many of which reflected various alt-right conspiracy theories. For example, Sayoc was listed as a “[lunatic leftist] (It should be noted that Billionaire George Soros, who is frequently invoked by right-wing conspiracy theorists, was also sent a bomb during the wave of mailings.) The suspect’s MyLife page also stated that he attended Parkland High School (scene of a previous mass shooting), that he was Jewish, a Scientologist, a Republican, a Democrat, a bootlicker, a classic deplorable, and a terrorist:


This latest attempt to discredit Mueller is an incredible laugh-fest.

Couple of prominent Trumpian twitter pundits start talking breathlessly about how multiple women are going to come foward and talk about how Mueller sexually harrassed them. Couple of prominent Trumpian news outlets go with the story.

Then it turns out that, a week or so back, a couple of women had come forward to law enforcement and journalists claiming that a company calling itself “Surefire Intelligence” run by ex-Mossad officers asked them to claim Muelller harrassed them in exchange for large payments.

People did some digging into this company. Every employee on their website seems to be a stock photo (head of their Tel Aviv office is a photo of Bar Rafaeli, while another employee’s photo is actually of Sigourney Weaver’s husband). The company website was registered by … drumroll … one of the guys on twitter who originally hyped the story, and the company’s listed phone number redirects to his mum’s voicemail.

The sheer level of Dumb is bewildering. They were planning to take down an experienced FBI officer with THIS?

I’ve thought for a while that I’m not afraid of Trump because he and his minions are too dumb and disorganised to be really dangerous. The next guy, the one who taps into the same support base as Trump but who is smart and organised, is the one who I’m afraid of.


Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia is there any nation that isnt in bed with the Trump republicans, or wishes they were?



Shaping up for a well deserved smashing for this reptile.

If current polling holds, the Dems may pick up up to 50 House seats.

Let the Impeachment begin. :crossed_fingers:


I hope so mate. In the last week he has thrown every red-rag he can to his base:

  1. Sending 5,000+ troops to the Mexican border to protect us against “the invasion” from brown people
  2. Threatened to sign an “executive order” to end birthright citizenship which is enshrined as the 14th amendment to the constitution. Funny how selective conservatives are when arguing to keep / repeal amendments.
  3. The funniest of all was saying that the congress (currently not in session) would pass a “10% tax cut for the middle class before the elections”. Umm, come again…

My faith in our system is so shook that I will be ok even if Dems get ONE seat more than is required to get control of Congress. The senate (just given which seats are up for election) is a no-chance.

Hate to say this but this is the most important election oh my lifetime. Should Republicans maintain control of Congress all bets are off.


That’s fkn hilarious eh? Even funnier, was Paul Ryan shooting it down as impossiblle, as it is, … then Drumpf tweeting out that Ryan should just shut up about it and that he “Knows nothing about the 14th amendment”

Lol, … HE … told RYAN, a polly of a decades experience, that HE, didn’t know anything about it!! , … when Trump has no fkn clue, and is completely wrong!!

Slackjawed is a complete understatement. What a cockhed.

And it seems a lot that took a punt on him in '16, … aren’t that stupid, and have got “woke”, during this past 2yrs of clustafuck,…


We know he is an empty vessel, but unfortunately his followers are even emptier and louder. I wont be surprised to see those poll figures completely reversed when results are in.


Looking unlikely. Analysts from inside both GOP and Dems are saying the Dems have got the house.

Senate is effectively a Hail Mary chance, but Congress looks a dead cert.


538 prediction is 85% chance Dems take the house, 85% chance GOP holds the senate.

GOP could realistically take a seat or two in the Senate and lose Congress.


This is interesting:


Uneducated white males - kinda tells us what we already know, but stark to see it laid out.
It was the same with Brexit & every swing to the far right in recent history. Age also a big factor.
You can see why the GOP is so keen on suppressing voting in non-white neighborhoods via its various sneaky tactics.


Stark is the right word.

Ideally our education system would be so good that race / sex wouldn’t matter. That folks would be able to recognize bullshit when they hear it and good policies when they see them.

Utopia. Not going to happen.


It isn’t going to happen, whoever controls whatever.


I reckon you’re right.

If the Dems are smart they know that President Trump is the best electoral asset they have right now. If Pence steps in, I think a lot of republicans breathe a relieved sigh and actually vote. He’s the sort of religious crazy that a lot of conservative voters are perfectly comfortable with, as opposed to Trump’s delusional narcissistic compulsive liar crazy.

I’m sure there’s a dozen slimy business or tax dodges that Trump is using that are completely illegal and are grounds for impeachment. He’s certainly guilty of all sorts of obstruction of justice charges due to his attempts to get the Mueller inquiry killed as well. But any impeachment, subpoena, or legal proceedings against him are going to drag on for a loooong time and will inevitably be appealed at every possible level and end up in the high court. The 2020 election will roll around before any of that process can be completed.

And quite aside from that, I don’t think they’re going to get impeachment past a Senate that’ll probably still be republican, even if Trump was actually caught on video telling national secrets to Putin in a post-coital glow. Everyone on the R side of politics knows that the Republican base is trump’s right now, and opposing him means getting turfed out in a primary challlenge and replaced with a red-hat-wearing bozo.


It will be interesting to see who the Dems put up against him in 2020 and what lessons they took out of the 2016 loss.



Plus, if anything would rile up the right it would be the Dems “forcing Trump out”. Whereas two years of investigations into Trump may just put everything illegal he’s done front and centre, and force moderate Republicans to make a hard choice. And making the Republicans have a tricky decision regarding the primary field (if any).