Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Tripling down on the racism. Sadly, it will probably work.


Thanks to @simmo41- now I understand what chicken little campaigning means!


Oh dear.

Playing that card for the mid-terms I assume.


Yep. Divide and conquer.


It’s a poor card for a sitting President to play. I get him doing it in the lead up to becoming Pres to a degree - don’t like it but understand it - but to do it as a sitting President is really, really bad, like very bad (in his terms).




The only way to stop a bad guy with a rock is a good guy with an M16.


Someones been on the phone to Bibi Netanyahu


I love this narrative that the Democrats organised this “caravan”… despite it being the only thing that might frustrate them at the elections (a la Tampa).



too many tabs open


The Caravan is sooo Children Overboard


As a smart person on twitter said, if there isn’t “much difference” between rocks and firearms how about we allow all gun owners in the US to exchange their weapons for rocks?


I really feel like we need to stop and take stock of this stuff every now and then.

There’s been a lot of other stuff that’s been said about things that are equally important, but still.
Trump aside.

Today is the day the US President said there’s not much difference between guns and rocks.


“I hope it doesn’t happen…”
If you can’t see through that…


The family of the late Mr. Goliath commends President Trump’s recognition of the inherent malice of rocks and their continuing threat to people of large and abrasive nature and physicality. Also, despite his only pandering to people of religion for votes, the family of the late Mr. Goliath recognises President Trump’s acknowledgment of the value of our fictional existence.


To be fair, trump does have rocks in his head


Also Trump’s comment that some are saying that Soros is financing the caravan. Trump knows it’s not true. Worse, to say this after Soros gets a pipe bomb and after the synagogue episode.


Trump is happy to risk fatalities if it is in his political interests.


His ideas have mostly come from Australia.


Right. That does it. I’m moving to the States to work for Soros. Must be lucrative AF having one of those gigs.