Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Early days (since the East Coast polls are only just closing) but 538 is upping its forecast for the Dems to take the House…


Blue ripple so far. No waves to be seen.


Dont look at the updated graphic for that. EEEK


Here we go :frowning:


Tighter so far than I expected. Still a long way to go yet though.


How people think 538 has any credibility when they put Hilary in the WH on exits is insane


thats not true


It’s true IN MY MIND


Well in that case it is true then.


Democrats now only a 2/5 chance to take the House


538 has a blinds pot when it comes to populism


New brand?


If I could grow my own blinds from a pot that would be useful. Blinds are expensive af


And when they need to be changed you smoke the old ones


Googles hemp blinds

Yep they have done that.


At least something positive is finally coming out of this thread


Sew what?


You can lick them all you want. I don’t think you will test positive.


Finally a second reason which supports my exisiting blind licking addiction


So far @FromOutside50 is correct.

Republicans give their supporters what they want and therefore they get out and vote for them.

Democrats say we are not as bad as the other guys, people don’t bother voting.