Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Shame the senate isn’t in play anymore. Would have made the next two years highly entertaining.


CNN saying the Democrat Reps can really put the blowtorch on Trumps belly. I would like to see that.


Been in a meeting since you posted this. When I said this, Dems has a 90% chance on 538 forecast to take the house.

Now at 100% with 34 seats predicted to be won. 2 seats predicted to be lost in the Senate. I think this is a smaller swing than what the GOP won against Obama. It isn’t the huge shot across the bow that could have shaken the confidence of the GOP.


Yep there does not appear to have been the big Blue Wave they kept sprouting was going to happen.


Huckabee Sanders saying it’s all just a “blue ripple”. Yep and you’ve got a fat, dumb, lame duck bobbling around on that ripple for the next two years to pamper. Have fun.

Looking forward to all of the Orange, duck billed cartoon impressions of Trump. It’ll all be fake news, of course.


They’re looking like picking up 34 seats. That’s not bad?


It is definitely good, but they were hoping for 40+ and it doesn’t give them the majority they were looking for.


It gives them a majority which is he most important thing.

Now watch them use that majority to do something that will alienate half the voters and destroy their 2020 chances.

538 has just called it



No, honestly, PHEW!


I’ll call it a good night. Not a great one.

Senate is disappointing, but probably expected. I really, really wanted Cruz to get beat, but that was always going to be tough. Beto is about as good a candidate as you could have got, and he still lost. Too much of Texas is still farked.

If Scott Walker can be dumped, I’ll be very happy.

Everyone I voted for locally has won, so it’s been a positive night on that front.

I suppose things went about as well as they reasonably could have… only 1/3 of the Senate is up and this time it was mostly red states, so there wasn’t much chance to do real damage there.

Anyway, tonight at the very least means Trump is now less powerful, and that can only be good.


plus 1


Speaking of “waves”


The focus on popular vote is a waste of time imo. The US has never worked on that premise so constantly calling it out is pointless.


Predicting it now. Beto will be the 2020 Democratic candidate.


I like him but you have to admit the chances of him beating the Rock in a cage match are low


Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos.


Depends whether you are measuring political or social capital.


To be fair most of what I was getting was that there was potential and hope for that but after Trump won all bets are off and cautious optimism was the tone. And the racist dog whistling, nay screaming, from the GOP in the last week was utterly repugnant and of course did the trick. It’s warfare for one side, healthcare for the other.


But IT, every Senate, Congress, and Governor seat IS based by popular vote. That is the only reason why gerrymandering exists (to deny the equality of votes).


As here, it is the marginal gains in House seats, particularly marginal seats, that are the true indicators in general elections.
Will be interested to learn the extent of Republican gains in marginal seats.