Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


While the Dems have won the House, and that is a good check on Trumps power, it wasn’t as big a win as I was expecting.


Would be nice if he won an election before then


You mean apart from the elections he’s already won?


When the educated traditional Republicans switch votes, look out for further cuts in the education budget.


Apologies for asking what is no doubt a silly question, but why was it so hard for Democrats to win in the Senate for the midterms?

Most people on the news here predicted that it would be too difficult for Dems to take control of the Senate, just wondering why that was? The strength of the Republicans in place?


You idiot!
(actually wanted to ask the same q, so thanks)


It’s like our Senate
Each state gets 2 senators. NY gets two. So does Wyoming. It’s always going to favour the small states.
And there’s lots of small red states.
Also only 1/3 of the senators go up for re-election each 2 year cycle. This cycle was one that favoured red states.


So democrats control (I think):

The Ethics Committee
The Judiciary Committee
The Oversight Committee
The Intelligence Committee
The Ways and Means Committee

No more bullshit tax cuts for the rich. Social security should be safe. Be interesting if they seek to bring in single payer health care.


Trump to combine all those committees into one and call the “witch-hunt Committee” then have it abolished and its members thrown into a siberian gulag


And, I think there are fewer Atlantic/ Pacific States ( more Democrat aligned) than the inland States.


Another reason why gerrymandering is a curse. In 2010, Republicans flipped 63 seats with a +7.2% popular vote swing. After 8 years of gerrymandering, Democrats flip 30-33 seats with a +9.2% popular vote swing.


It s gridlock, no bill passed by the House can become law until it is passed by the Senate. The Senate is not going to vote for the progressive agenda. I saw on a US libertarian site a rumour that Clarence Thomas is going to resign from the Supreme Court in early 2019. So Trump will be able to replace an older conservative justice with a younger one. Then it gets interesting will Ginsberg be able to last two years? Thats if the Democrats can take the White House in 2020, which I doubt. More likely she croaks within the next two years and Trump can replace a liberal progressive justice with a conservative who is familiar with the Constitution. When that happens the salty tears of the progressives will taste delicious.


If you really want to talk about outrageous theories let me share one that is legally allowed (making those “salty tears” into saccharine smiles:


And why the gubernatorial race losses are the biggest disappointment.



Abrahms may be in line for a run off in Georgia, and/or o/wise is likely to challenge result citing Voter suppression.

Could well end up Lawyers at 50 paces for months.


No disrespect @DonMania, but USA is farked and if you can manage it get your family to Australia or NZ.

Now our current Government is a basket case and some are as vile as Trump, but we have gun control, we have a half reasonable health system and there is the footy. I am sure we can find you a job.

Some places in USA have voted 80% Republican; not even my new Texan buddies are that crazy. Now you will have a Congress who will block the President and a Senate who will block Congress. The craziest of all has the keys to the Nukes.


Also like our senate not every senator is up for re-election at one time. This time there were 40+ Republican senators not up for re-election


California with its 45 million odd population has the same number of senators as a Republican rural state with 1 million population. This cycle only 8 Republican senators were up for re-election whereas thirty something democrats had to try and hold their seats. Also many democrat senators were defending seats in red states that they won in a blue swing year.


Unfortunately, the Senate is basically rigged for Republican control for God knows how long…

Wyoming with a population of 500,000 people gets the same representation as 40 million people in California.

The problem is mass concentration of people in urban centers… when the Senate was originally conceived, the urbal/rural population balance was more or less equal; now it is ridiculously skewed as people fled the farms for the cities, but the system endures.

Ironically as the population in these states decreases, they get more powerful.

Don’t even get me started on the Electoral College.


Yes, yes, and yes mate.

Spending Christmas in Oz this year. Might be a precursor to at least an attempt at a permanent move…

I mean the footy alone is worth it, right?