Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Depends if they were Left Voters or not.

If they were, in a Non preferential system, in such a predicted close race, … where the GOP has rigged electorates and practiced voter suppression as they always do, it would be a self defeating idiotic thing to do , and they should be shamed, … and named, and fking blamed.


Those people (whether from right or left) helped get a Republican elected. I can certainly lump them in with Republican voters in blaming them for every vote their new representative asked in the next six years. Elections and votes have consequences.


To be fair, you see the same divisions here. But it’s worth pointing out that, in the end, the validity or your political/economic argument, for better or for worse, can have limited effect on voting patterns.
It’s sometimes said that we get the political leaders we deserve and in a way I think Trump is as symptom of this as is our high rotation of PM’s.


The Arizona race isn’t over yet, Still 500k votes to count.

From 538

Arizona , Republican Rep. Martha McSally currently leads Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema by about 1 percentage point. However, the Arizona Republic estimates that more than 600,000 votes have yet to be counted statewide — including 90,000 in blue-leaning Pima County and 472,000 (!) in Maricopa County (the Phoenix area). Maricopa has some very blue corners and some very red corners, so without knowing where the outstanding ballots are coming from, this is a totally wide-open race. Reportedly, the state will issue updated vote totals at 5 p.m. local time every day starting on Thursday, Nov. 8.


Heaps of talking points and much to disagree with here. But surely we can agree that the specific part of your post I addressed was hyperbolic.


The argument that you wouldn’t want to be working poor in America is a bit obvious isn’t it. You wouldn’t want to be working poor anywhere really.

If your a lawyer, engineer, banker, computer scientist, scientist, artist(of all kinds) or even entrepreneur. Your opportunities in America are great.


Interesting article, Nate Silver looked at the midterm votes on how it would impact the next presidential vote. Conclusion was that this weeks vote reverted back to the Obama vs Romney vote in that the midwest voted blue.

Maybe it was all down to Hillary, if the dems put a good candidate up they have a good chance of beating trump if the midwest flips back.


So the Whitehouse has taken to doctoring videos now.


It was a bit down to Hillary, and a bit down to each of a few other things, … but yes, the margin was that fine, that Joe Biden or one of a couple of others instead would almost have certainly meant Trump would be no more than a fetid footnote in Americas history, instead of a cancerous tumor.


While the Dems won the house I would not call the mid-terms a repudiation of Trump and his policies. It has to be admitted that he and the Republican party did a good job in getting Republicans to turn out and vote. With two extra seats in the Senate Trump is afforded some protection against the Democrats.
Meanwhile the Democrats themselves aren’t exactly a coherent unit. There is a new bunch of “progressive Democrats” who seem to be more politically aligned to Bernie Sanders than Nancy Pelosi. I t will be interesting to see what effect they will have, if any.


Less than 90k votes to be exact.

Of course Al Gore will look at that an go “90k!?!!?! I see your 90k and raise you 512 Floridian votes!”


I’m loving the tacit support for a system that locks in two self-serving, corrupt entities that have systematically destroyed the lives of millions of people as the only possible choices to continue running the joint.

Frankly, I blame the 48% of ignorant shitlords that voted dem in Arizona. If they’d done the right thing and voted green then the republican wouldn’t win.


lol @ believing in social mobility

The US is a third world country with good PR. It’s Somalia but everyone has nice shoes and laptops.


Let’s play this out. So the Green senator shows up to Washington and then what? Who does she align with?


She probably remains true to her policy and ethics for which she ran on.

Be awesome if politicians did that.

Apposed to the party line caca that’s ruining the western world


Philosophically I am all for that. That’s why I love that Beto O’Rourke remained true to his heart (calling for impeachment and the abolishment of ICE despite campaigning in Texas). Yes he lost but hopefully set the stage for the future…

The reality is the clear and present danger posed by Trump’s GOP. We need a strong and united resistance. Splitting votes, and costing Dems seats, is not going to help.

Separately, there are 2 independent senators Bernie and Angus King who align with the Dems.


Hopefully neither of the toxic parties that have turned America in to a place you feel a need to remove your family from.

I understand that the Democrats are preferable to the Republicans. The lesser of two evils is still evil.

What’s that expression… Don’t hate the player, hate the game? The game is rigged. Blaming people for voting according to what they believe is victim blaming.



Sounds not only practical, but really possible too.