Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


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Miffed at Mattis’ recognition letter, Trump is moving him out on Jan 1 rather than the 2 month transition the former Defense Secretary had planned.




Very considered and wise. To be replaced by a weapons manufacturing magnate or a Fox ■■■■ star no doubt


Acting Secretary is the Deputy Secretary Shanahan. So he has been there for a couple of years, probably making it as solid an interim choice as possible given the circumstances.

Trump’s been whinging about Mattis in tweets (par for the course), and saying he didn’t even know who McGurk was - which is either true and reflects badly on Trump for not knowing who his lead diplomat in the fight against ISIS was or is not true and reflects badly on Trump for being a petty dishonest child.

Trump sent Pompeo, the Secretary of State, to deliver his message about Jan 1 to Mattis. Didn’t want to talk to him himself.


Ignorant Idiot, Petulant Manchild, Loudmouth Bafoon, Arrogant Fuckwitt. Putin Puppet or Saudi Sycophant ??

… Let’s play “Tip Trump Today!!” :smirk:


Yep, that is why capitalist democracy is worse than a socialist state.


In a theory vs reality argument does socialism really come out ahead?




I thank you all.

If anyone could remind me where I left all of my money and dignity, that would be helpful.


I think that was back in 1970


Looks like the very, very large brained individual had to have it explained to him that the Mattis letter wasn’t complimentary.


So Trump has a phone call with Erdogan just after firing Mattis, soon after Turkey mobilise large forces to a town where the concentration of US allied Kurds are. Not just leaving them twisting in the hot wind but apparently instrumental in their probable demise.

Also discussed trade expansion between Turkey and US. Maybe a few new tanks, bit of falafel going the other way.


Like taking candy from a baby.


You’ve got the order wrong - Trump called Erdrogan first to ask how high he would like him to jump.


Holy cow. Way to dump your allies and leave them hanging in the wind. Erdogan must have been rubbing his hands in glee. Mind you he was already bombing Kurds and crossing sovereign borders to do it and the US and Europe said nothing about it. He and his sons have been floating Iran sanctions for years and everyone new and it and said nothing.


Erdogan was explaining all the problems with the US presence in Iraq and Syria and was irritating Trump, according to a senior administration official who received a detailed readout of the phone call between both presidents.

“OK, it’s all yours. We are done,” Trump said, according to the source.

rdogan made his case to Trump during the December 14 call that the US should pull out of Syria by pointing to the near-total defeat of ISIS in the country, according to a separate source familiar with the call. The President then sought assurances from Erdogan that Turkey would continue to fight ISIS and defeat the terrorist group.

A senior White House official said Erdogan gave Trump his “word” that Turkey would finish off ISIS.

Hey look, lets give the chicken coop to the fox! Nothing could go wrong there.

Erdogan has spent almost his whole time attacking Kurds and going no where near ISIS.

This finally confirms that Trump has no idea whatsoever, he just makes it up when the thought grabs him. Everyone around him is saying the ISIS is not done. but one call to Erdogan (who finds the US inhibiting on his war on the Kurds) and Trump suddenly comes up with a fantastic idea.

I withdraw my earlier comment about the removing of troops, Trump is a freaking idiot.



Feeling thankful celebrating my first Christmas in Oz since 2003. Merry Christmas dear blitzers. Let’s hope for a hopeful 2019.


Trump tells 7yo ringing up NORAD to track Santa’s whereabout thah believing in Santa at 7 is marginal