Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Oh no! That’s not good. Hope it works out…


That can only be good for the US of A. Nobody knows Visa waivers like Donald


“Nobody knows more about fucken things up than I do,. Ok?” (December 2018)


Wait for the domestic riots when those dependent on domestic food aid can’t get their food stamps processed…


Yeah - And a few have full time low-paying jobs - What an embarrassment.


Plenty in the military rely on food stamps. It’s a disgrace.


Maybe I will just rock up to US Immigration and tell them I know you !

What do you reckon ?


Fark no!
He’s brown.


I reckon you’re trying to get DonMania deported… :smirk:


Bacchus Fox is an albino, no doubt


$95?? Is that some sort of different category? I only paid around $15-20 for mine


Yep last year it was US$14

This time US$95, the World is out to get me!


I think you have been scammed by a company that preys on people who click on the first link that comes up on the esta search


Sounds like it. I’ve only ever paid $14, all mine processed a good 3 months prior to my travel. Unless there’s a special category for people that intend to work.


Nah, pretty sure they changed the whole visa waiver program for aussies recently.


I had to laugh when I visisted Chile. All countries except Australia get in free. Australians had to pay a fee at customs as a retaliation for Chileans having to pay to get into Australia. The childishness of international politics can be quite amusing.


Nope, it is a new “instant” visa., except no-one is working.


It’s incredible that the prez can actually shutdown the govt like that, and have 1000’s of people not getting paid due to a dispute not getting resolved.


And then say those people are grateful they’re not being paid because it will result* in Trump’s Big Beautiful Wall.



Such selfless sacrifice surely deserves a reward…say…something in the amount equalling their missing salary…