Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


This is absolutely mind blowing.

And what is even more unbelievable it has not been reported at all in the MSM.

We all know the US military gets a shitload of money. (Yes that is a technical term, but bear with me).

So given all this money paid by the US taxpayer, how much would you think gets funnelled into various pockets in a way that in the third world would be considered as corrupt?

Yes, I know this should be a poll so:

$20,000,000 (=$20 million)
$2000000000000 (sorry ICBF added commas here)

For the answer, look at this report from a site that generally serves millionaires rather than the hoi polloi:

“While the documents are incomplete, original government sources indicate $21 trillion in unsupported adjustments have been reported for the Department of Defense for the years 1998-2015.”

Note: “unsupported adjustments” means “we don’t know or can;'t account for where this money has gone”

(For the report see here:

What could possibly go wrong, syphoning off all this money into billionaires’ pockets?

That country is farked until they can get the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ redirected from these rorts to benefitting the nation.

The question for us is: how many billions of our dollars has been siphoned off our defence budget into the pockets of friends of the Tories?

Of course with the concentration of media here, we don’t have any people investigating similar rorts here.


I’d say I’m surprised if the Military Industrial Complex has come as a surprise to you?

It’s been a growing Tumor for decades, …


Of course but US$21 TRILLION is a fair amount of loose change to sweep under the carpet.

I am surprised you would be sanguine about that.


Someone should track where our Billions for the “Problematic” JSF have really ended up.


[quote=“Albert_Thurgood, post:8555, topic:11277”]
I am surprised you would be sanguine about that.

Hardly sanguine, I’ve just been watching it grow over the years, … so, more “resigned”, I guess.


It’s a nice headline but it’s not true.

The transaction where unsupported doesn’t mean invalid.

A big chunk of them must be to clear other transactions. Hence it’s 100 times bigger than the actual budget.

It’s more a painful US audit process mixed with a dodgy system.

Not saying black budget isn’t a thing but it’s not that amount.


What amount is it then? Only a tenth of that?

Just $2 trillion would buy a fair bit of patronage.


Hate to sound like one of these guys, but, why didn’t you do it earlier?


Sorry for doubting you Albert.

You are correct, I have scammed.


Nothing wrong with this at all - It’s called reciprocal rights.



Can you corroborate a figure then?


You have to just laugh - this is the first order of business in the Senate amidst a Government shutdown. Bipartisan defence of the Israeli Government from boycotts. Basically an erosion of free speech.

It’s kind of stunning how AIPAC have the U.S by the balls.


I would listen to @Reboot and @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS on this one :slight_smile:


Mr Boot is very wise, Mr Devil is a bit temperamental.

Visa all fixed, as @Albert_Thurgood suggested, I was scammed by a non-US Gov ESTA site. So I paid them $95 for a $14 visa waiver which they processed through the legal ESTA site.

Very clever, must be Nigerian.


In the nation of ignorants the liar is king



Trump’s head of the National Security Council, John Bolton suggests that the President’s thinking on Syria has evolved over past 2 weeks - staying till ISIS is defeated and Turkey won’t attack the Kurds.

Pompeo a little diffferent - comes oh so close to saying “we’re leaving, but we’re also staying”


John “let’s bomb everyone” Bolton is a maniac and warmonger.

“We’ll stay until we defeat ISIS” is just a spin on words to mean “we’re going to be there forever because we love permanent war baby”. You can’t defeat an idea unless the CIA have developed some form of Ministry of Love type techniques so noises coming from the likes of Bolton is just an excuse to remain permanently in positions across the world and continue the global hegemony of the U.S empire


Trump has used a made-up crisis at the “southern border” to try and push through funding for his wall. When denied, like any good toddler, he has thrown a hissy-fit and shut the the government down. Now, realizing that the Dems are in no mood to give him his toys, he is ratcheting up the idiocy by addressing the entire nation in prime time.

Rightly the Democrats have demanded the right of response.

It is going to be a fun evening here.



Honestly can’t believe the Networks (other than FuxNooz of course) are giving this fucktard airtime to flat out lie to the Nation for 8 minutes.

Knowing that is exactly what he is going to do (and reporting as such) , you would think if they had any principles, they would have just said, nup! Beyond ridiculous.