Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


I’m expecting the speeches to become a weekly event.


Guess I will never understand you IT.

It was not a good speech at all, it was full of mistruths, poorly delivered and will be a PR nightmare.

Not even good for business


Yep. Was garbage.
And very poorly delivered garbage at that.


Does he still seem to believe coyotes at the border are the animal coyotes?


Manofort’s lawyers forgot to redact parts of their legal document.

The most interesting bit is where he admits colluding with a Russian spy…

The collusion angle was filled in some time back for anyone with a eye for the facts. This should (but won’t) swing the ‘no sign of collusion!’ Crowd.


Warning - Hilariously strong language


As usual the “collusion” crowd are wrong again and again and again and again.

Manafort passed on polling data to a UKRANIAN oligarch (via Kilimnik).

Still not a shred of evidence of collusion.


Kilimnik being a GRU operative, right?


Do Workers get back paid after the Government reopens or do they lose these $ for ever?


Mueller has vaguely claimed KK has “ties to Russian intelligence” but gives no detail. So really nothing to base it on at face value.


I’m pretty sure they get back pay.


Mueller is running an investigation and has rightly not made any claims at all.


Apparently in the past Congress has passed a bill to give Govt workers back pay but don’t know how it will play out this time hopefully a Dem controlled House would appropriate the funds


Casuals and contractors won’t get paid. Government employees will


That makes some sense as a breakdown. Casuals and contractors are unlikely to be actually working through the shutdown, employees more so. It is probably a big case of “it depends” across the spread of effected workers.


I think you’ll find that Mueller and his team have made claims via various court filings and I’m quoting one of them verbatim


And the ukrainians are Pro-Russia/Russia-affiliated.



So claims mad in a court of law that need to be proven or at least the defense has a chance to disprove.

You think they are baseless and vague.


Given these accusations were redacted, I think you’re incorrect that Mueller has publicly commented on them. He’d hardly have commented publicly on accusations that are being kept secret, hmm?


There’s no point discussing anything to do with Russia with FromOutside50. Anything except Russian benevolence is waved away as a conspiracy to him/her.