Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


That’s a bit harsh. I’m sure Daddy hired out the entire zoo for a birthday party or two when they were little.


Could someone explain to me why Trump didn’t just seek funding for his stupid wall before 2019 when Republicans had a majority in both houses?


Because Mexico was going to pay for it


Took him 2 years to work out that Mexico wasn’t going to pay for his wall? This guy is one helluva stable genius. Besides Trump has come out and explained he didn’t mean that Mexico was going to pay for the wall when he said Mexico was going to pay for the wall. It’s all just one big misunderstanding.


I was being a little bit sarcastic.

It’s a laughable situation they have there at the moment. He needs to be called out.


He’s playing a power game against the Democrats. If the Dems blink, he’ll be able to wield a lot more power in the second half of his presidency. If he blinks, the Dems know they have him cornered and won’t allow him to push his agenda.


Also, they need a 2/3 majority to pass the funding bill. The Dems blocked it last year on those grounds.


Because he wouldn’t have got it, and at that time there were adults to tell him so.

They didn’t even get all the Republican votes to get 50 before the new senate came/comes? in.


The GOP held 51 votes in the senate and required 60 to approve funding. Dems didn’t provide the extra 9.


Huh? Isn’t that only if Trump vetoes the funding bill?


They passe a bill, it just didn’t have wall funding. And they couldn’t even get all 51 Republicans to support that.


Take the funding from disaster relief? Puerto Rican’s gonna pybfor the wall?


Trump’s problem is that he has screwed everyone at the negotiating table multiple times (Republican and Democrats in Congress, VP Pence, and his own WH and cabinet advocates).

For one example:
Congressional Dems and Republicans had previously (~1 year ago) negotiated for a substantial border security package much bigger than the $5 billion we’re talking about now. The Democrats would get DACA in return. A reasonable compromise. This was all done with the President’s blessing and understanding that he’d sign the resulting deal. After all the work was done he reneged.

For a second:
Leading up to Christmas McConnell worked to pass a funding deal to see the government through to the end of Feb. Again with the understanding that Trump would sign it. But Ann Coulter got in his ear and he suddenly reneged on that commitment.

His advocates like VP Pence don’t have much negotiating muscle because experience has taught everyone that they can’t really speak for the President.

Also I don’t think either the Republicans or the Democrats really think building a campaign memory aid is a fitting response to a problem that now revolves around legal points of entry, due in large part to the work already done on the border since ~2006.

Really Trump has screwed himself into this position.


But, but I thought he was a master negotiator.


Well it a word that ends like negotiator, but starts with mast…

Not sure if this article has been posted previously as l mostly come into this thread for the ■■■■ and giggles, however the temperature on Frump keeps rising.


Tulsi Gabbard announcing she is running in 2020, pretty solid candidate IMO.


Had a quick look. Could very realistically get the nomination.


Could have a shot but I know that a few of the senior (re: establishment) Dems can’t stand her.


Tulsi Gabbard: a pro-Russian, pro bombings in Syria, very recently virulently anti-gay, fan of Egyptian dictator General Abdel Fattah el Sisi, one of 47 House Democrats who voted to stop refugees from Syria and Iraq from entering the US, endorsed/praised by David Duke, Richard Spencer and Steve Bannon when being considered by Trump for Sec of State.

A hard pass.



Trump has concealed details of his face-to-face encounters with Putin from senior officials in administration