Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


DonMania, I’m going to ask you a question you can’t refuse…

What do you make of Tammy Duckworth and what are the chances she might be talked into running? I’ve seen her tear a bloke to shreds who’d used some disability allowance normally reserved for vets to kickstart his business - he’d suffered an ankle injury playing college football many years earlier - it was pretty great and she seems to have a brain and a conscience. Apart from those two undesirable traits, too Asian looking and female looking you think?


Good question. My thought is if we can elect a bi-racial man named Barrack Hussein Obama then no one’s “look” or ethnicity should be considered a hurdle.

As for her policies, I am very impressed. Pro science, pragmatic, and in my limited viewing of her speeches, incredibly thoughtful yet not afraid to take on bullies. Plus she is a veteran who lost both her legs in combat so has built in credibility.

Can she be talked into running? Maybe. She recently had her second child so that may stop her from jumping in but who knows.

Net net, she would be a good candidate for the democrats to consider.


Good luck to the person who can do this!!!


Anything’s possible. At the pub one day, I saw a one-legged man hopping into a beer.



The map above fails to show how Osama Obama got in.


They forgot the bit where the Tunnelable wall would be.


They flew over it. Maybe they should build a line of buildings round the entire country.


Almost everything in your post is wrong. Laughably so.


Cue Heather Mills.


You might want to take the “L” on this one.


“President el-Sisi has shown great courage and leadership in taking on this extreme Islamist ideology, while also fighting against ISIS militarily to keep them from gaining a foothold in Egypt. The U.S. must take action to recognize President el-Sisi and his leadership, support Egypt’s progress and stability, and stand with him in this fight against ISIS, al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, and other Islamic extremists who are our common enemy.”

Here is where she fits on the idealogical spectrum:

And as for getting questionable support:


On my phone so can’t properly answer your post but why don’t you follow up Duke’s tweet with Tulsi’s response or is that too hard for you? It’s laughable to suggest that because someone who you have no control over “endorses” you is a stain on your credibility. Bannon praised Sanders some time back, does that make him a racist?

She’s been one of the few voices in Congress who has been strongly against intervention in Syria - I could post about a dozen + tweets from her on this.

Where I agree with you is her relationship to Sisi and Modi - that’s problematic and requires some serious explaining. That being said, Obama was a happy enabler of KSA in their genocide in Yemen so I don’t see how that’s a deal breaker for her.

She’s a big supporter of M4A and a Green New Deal which should be two of the top priorities of any American voter IMO


Ha! Missed that entirely.


Thanks for that, she’s what you need from sounds of it.


How Trump shutdown affected me.

Before shutdown $1 AUD bought 80 Yen.

After shutdown and landing home it was 72 Yen.

Cause of that none of you will receive souvenirs.

Now you’re all affected too.


How many of those fricken little 1¥ coins did you end up with? MPITA



Now i’ll have to get Shintaro to hunt you down.


Is Tombei the mist involved as well ?


If he’s available, absolutely!


My gut feel is that American is more misogynist than racist. Bi-racial and female seems like a long shot to me.