Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Putin is going to favour an autocrat, because one person is easier to influence than many.
He won’t care which side of politics they come from.


Come on.

Putin’s not some evil Joker figure.

He has only one interest projecting strength for his own political survival.


You countered DM’s posted article about Russian-linked media giving space to Tusi Gabbard with a post by a former American living in Rio who has been on a crusade to “prove” that Russia doesn’t attempt to undermine Western countries. And just happens to be friends with people protected by Russia. And who is a fan of Putin.

That’s why i LOLed.


I don’t think he even has a challenger there, does he?
His ambitions may have expanded.


What does this have to do with Gabbard? Your post is dangerously close to being McCarthyite


In what way, specifically?


LOL everyone who doesn’t submit to the neoliberal consensus is a Putin puppet. Did you actually care to read why the NBC article was so pathetic and devoid of any journalistic integrity? They used a ■■■■■■■ disgraced firm who got caught literally created a false flag RE: Alabama Senate race


Actually, if you could also answer the initial question posed this morning.
As fun as this is.
Or isn’t, as the case may be.


Please explain to me what the neoliberal consensus is and who “they” are?


True story - I was told by a Trump supporter that racism is a “construct invented by neo-liberals”.


It’s almost like painting the slow and steady revealing of Russian influence in Western business and political affairs as hysteria is just projection of their own reductive way of looking at the world.


Just putting this here before tonight’s State of The Union speech which will likely be highly sanitized.


Yeah but blackface was fine on Hey Hey in the early to mid 90s.
Just not when it made the comeback in the 2010s.

Slightly different in the US, but probably not much.


Well to be fair, I don’t think blackface was seen as racist as far back as it is/was in the US. Much like certain words are offensive in certain countries and not others.

F.anny for example, not offensive, but multiple interpretations and could be misunderstood if you are not familiar with the local idioms.

Also the abbreviation to Paki for someone from Pakistan is seen as highly offensive in the UK from what I’m told, but I don’t think it was here until more recently.

Or maybe it’s just I’m naive to these things and assume the best of people, when there may be an underlying bias, conscious or otherwise.


While President Trump was still putting the final touches on his State of the Union speech, he received the one gift he really wanted: spectacular jobs growth figures. Some 304,000 jobs were created in January, marking 100 straight months of job growth.

It represents the longest such period of jobs growth on record in the US


I’m curious what the impact of black face has been on indigenous Australians. All the talk on it is generated from the US. I’m sure a similar situation occurred here, but because we haven’t had that local story it seemed a non-issue here for much longer. Even now I think we avoid it largely because of a cultural flow over from the US than any domestic movement.


Really amazing he’s managed to fit 100 months of jobs growth into the 12 months or so he’s been in office.

A more honest title would be “Trump hasn’t quite managed to ■■■■ up a long term trend jobs growth”

Hashtag m a g a


I’m so sick of job growth figures. I haven’t drilled down into them but I’ll bet my bottom dollar that most of them are either part time jobs or full time jobs where the salary is so low that the employed person still needs to rely on welfare just to make ends meet. Very similar to the recent job growth figures in Aus.

We shouldn’t be talking about the raw amount of jobs created but rather, the amount of jobs created which allow the person to have dignity and a decent, independent standard of living. That’s the correct measure IMO to be looking at


Yeah, can’t be just good jobs growth can it… how could it be?


I can imagine it was a total non-issue in Australia until 1967 when Aboriginals were granted citizenship of Australia. Before that they were under the Flora and Fauna laws. Our white Australia policy was pretty much in line with that of South Africa. Let’s just say blackface was the least of their worries. Just being regarded as not being part of the human race would have been worse.