Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Paul Erickson - Trump transition official and boyfriend of Maria Butina, the Russian agent entangled with the NRA, has been indicted in South Dakota of wire fraud and money laundering.

The Department of Justice has said that its Office of Professional Responsibility is investigating the plea deal that was given to Jeffrey Epstein and whether DOJ attorneys commited misconduct.


That’s a welcome surprise.


(CNN)For months, Elizabeth Warren has struggled to get from under the muddled – and occasionally contradictory – story she has told about her own belief in her Native American heritage, and whether she ever either claimed that background on documents or received any sort of advantage from it.

On Tuesday, Warren’s claims took a major hit: The Washington Post reported on a Texas bar registration card from 1986 in which, clearly and apparently in her own hand, the Massachusetts Democrat had written “American Indian” when asked to identify her race.


This is not going to go away and frankly is just such a silly thing to have done. Trump will continue to poke on this.


And to be fair, if she has at times claimed to be native american (vs. descended distantly), then she has flat out lied in the past.


So some people can’t have done dumb things 30+ years ago despite what they may have done in the meantime, but it it OK for the Dumb Donster to do any kinds of ■■■■■ from those days and up to and including now…

How does this logic work?


In this country, it is quite OK for people who are blond and blue eyed etc to claim to be indigenous and get all sorts of benefits from doing so. They do not claim to be “descended distantly indigenous”. Was not her claim back then similar? Are US reporting terms significantly different from ours?


It’s a bit of a silly issue RE: Warren. I’m ambivalent on her, she’s definitely one of the more ‘progressive’ candidates but IMO is a bit of a grand stander with her finger wagging at Wall St executives. Though her work on consumer protection is excellent.


I am in Texas and was watching CNN last night, where every show gave Trump a real bake. Chris Cuoco was brutal, and there was Commentator after Commentator proclaiming Trump is toast when the New York State corruption investigation is complete,belief is that this is when Democrats will get him, with shady financial dealings in past. They also had a lawyer claiming Trump employs hundreds of undocumented workers in is hotels and golf courses with documents proving he is directly involved.


Noose tightening.


Imagine how his cheeto hued head is going to clash with the Orange jump suit.



Becoming president has given Trump immunity from any charges for his ‘business activities’, no way the US would ever disgrace the institution of the presidency by jailing a former or sitting president no matter the level of bipartisanship.


Nah ahhhh.

Soon as he;s out of office he’s fair game.

And I reckon there’s a good chance they’ll go him like feral dogs from both sides to discourage any future fuckheadz and criminals of his ilk from ever trying this shitt on again. He has embarrassed the Institution the Office and the Country around the entire World and made them a laughing stock while colluding with and praising foreign enemies, dictators and other assorted total barstards. Plenty of Repugnantins are turning on him already, and that number will only increase as time passes.

I reckon he;s toast. You speak as if Nixon didn’t even happen or something. He’s not immune at all.

If the USA has any spine or pride left,… this guy is going straight from The Whitehouse to The Big House. :tada:


Nixon resigned in August and was pardoned in September. Due to the full pardon nothing really happened to him other than resigning in ignominy.


Trump’s issues will lie in the courts of New York where he won’t have immunity.


Yep SDNY especially, and they pride themselves on bringing down big wigs. The bigger the better.

There are now currently 17, … that’s SEVENTEEN investigations into Trump and his shenanigans across the board, all the way from Mueller and Russians, to all sorts related to his business dealings.

They want him badly, are out for blood, and there’s already plenty in the water.

And all this is before every Democrat and his or her dog get started on as many committee investigations they can think up a name for in Congress.

Happy Days.


Oh yes indeed happy days. Nothing like a government and opposition spending all their days and our money on myriad investigations. Not like we pay them to actually run the country.


Is it a waste of time and money if they find something?


Yeah because he will be pardoned, whether people like it or not.

I would rather the Dems focused purely on just beating him outright at the next election.


Neither SDNY or the DOJ are the Dems.

Edit: sorry IT, saw the bit you were responding to re:Dems.

I guess we just had 2 years of the GOP doing its best to avoid its oversight function, so there are a few credits in the bank. An exception to this throwaway line would be the Senate Intel Commitee.