Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Acting AG Whitaker is dancing with the House Judiciary commitee.

He has been asked to testify voluntarily and has been given the questions in advance. They relate to his discussions with the President. He has been asked if he will invoke executive privilege.

He has said he will testify as long as it is guaranteed he will not be compelled via subpeona at a future date.

This seems to relate to a couple of things.

If he testifies voluntarily he can not answer questions if he chooses without invoking executive privilege.

If he is subpeonaed he is compelled to answer.

Also probably just playing for time, as he’ll seem less important to the Commitee once Barr is confirmed.


Do you realise you’re basically parroting Andrew Bolt here?


Last I checked Australians don’t pay the US govt at all.

I certainly think it’s a good thing that US money is being spent to investigate US crimes committed by US citizens possibly against the US state. Far better that than the burying, obfuscation and delaying tactics actually working, anyway.


We will see - hope you’re right and I’m completely wrong.


I think the DNA tests showed she is something like 1/64th native american indian. I don’t think that % would pass muster in Australia either.


Criminality should be investigated and penalised, and the sadder bit here is that someone most suspected of money laundering for years had to become President to be investigated. Most of the people now in jail would have been perfectly fine if they hadn’t shone the spotlight on themselves by running for (and winning) the highest office in the USA.

Which is an indictment on what the rich can get away with. Unless they’re in the spotlight, it all gets ignored because the rich making money by breaking the law isn’t what Police/Investigators actually investigate.

I personally think that investigations into the behaviour of those who are elected and the government is actually a fundamental requirement of a healthy democracy. Its just a shame that the Republicans decided to pervert its purpose by running half-a-dozen Benghazi! investigations (I was fine with one, doing it over and over again for political reasons was ridiculous).

I’m not sure on the whole pardon element. You may well be right. But this may be an exception. Even if he is pardoned, I think this is a good thing.


So a great great grandparent. I think Aussies would use a similar standard when claiming they were descended from a convict or Eureka Stockade etc.


I don’t care about this woman either way, but if your grandfather’s grandfather were aboriginal, it’d be weird to say you weren’t of aboriginal descent, wouldn’t it?


Nobody on the Dem side is saying its a problem if she says she’s descended from. But she appears to have been saying she is Native American. At 1/64th, I think that’s pretty close to an outright lie.

(If 1/64th was the figure).


What % Australian are you Ants?


I can see this happening without malice or nefarious intent. You are told by your family that you have this heritage. You are proud of the heritage. There’s a question asking your heritage and you put it down.

Maybe the link isn’t strong, maybe there’s advantages to being of that heritage, where do you draw the line and say you aren’t Native American enough to call yourself Native American?

There’s a lot of captain hindsight at work in America right now, good people losing their careers for things in the distant past. Things that the individual would in no way support in the present day. The inability to let people redeem past mistakes is not healthy. And to be clear I don’t think past crimes should be excused, but past social errors that have been learnt from should be put in context.


Australian is a country, not an ethnicity. People who weren’t born here can be 100% Australian.


Unless you can wrap your head around the idea that to be Aboriginal is to be of Australian ethnicity


To be considered aboriginal here it can be a great great great grandparent


If men can identify as women, which I support. I’m not really caring about % of DNA when it comes to cultural identification.



This is why we have police, FBI, and other bodies: to investigate criminality. It shouldn’t be the focus of the the politicians imo. I don’t mind the occasional investigation (such as the banking royal commission, or the one on sexual abuse) but for them to have many different types of investigations going is not overly healthy, even if Trump deserves it.


Except all the federal investigation bodies report into Trump.

It’s constitutionally appropriate for the house to use its powers to investigate Trump, it was specifically designed that way.


Thanks for explaining my argument. Do you realize that people who were criticising her were basically parroting Andrew Bolt there?


I think it would. As Andrew Bolt found out.