Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Agreed. The American system of government explicitly expects Congress to provide oversight of the executive branch to avoid abuse of power.



I doubt she’s said she’s purely native american. Which would be untrue.


Yes,… but it would be equally weird to say you were an Aboriginal, the way she wrote on applications that she were an American Indian.

By that measure I could say I’m an Italian.


And my daughter could say she’s Sicilian, which she clearly is not.
It’s tricky.


And I agree with this re Warren,… the thing is, it seems she drew that long bow and made the claim to further her career through positive action / diversity quotas etc, which, although being proud, she almost 100% certainly did, like many others did, … it was a common practice of the times.

The problem is, as much as she apologises, this is the thing she can’t/won’t/ is too embarrassed admit too, and this is why they continue to bring it up and hound her over it.

She actually did just that, … that’s the thing.





That is an odd thing to do.


Surely you get to choose if the question is simply: Race?

Couldn’t American Indian be as equally prominent as others in her lineage?

Not sure there’s an issue there if that is who she feels she is.


■■■■ me!
Who she feels she is?


Well how do you determine your race?

Genuine question?

Do you ever have to prove it or it what other see you as? Not sure how you’re supposed to work it out


If a baby was adopted by an Indian family, can they claim to be Indian? If an Indian baby was adopted by a non-Indian family, are they no longer an Indian?

The benchmark I’ve heard used in Australia is if an aboriginal community considers you to be aboriginal, then you are.


Good questions.

Or is it what a cop puts over the radio when looking for you?

Edit: I’m pretty sure it’s usually counted by self-identification in forms etc


So perhaps the answer was as unnuanced as the question.
Or maybe I’m making excuses.
I don’t know. Like I said, it’s tricky.


In the US, you can self identify on a census etc, but for the things that matter it’s being enrolled as a member of a Tribe by a tribal Government that makes it real, which, AFAICT, Warren is entitled to apply for, and receive, she just hadn’t, & hasn’t…


FFS. Trump has made more bare faced lies, embezzled more government $ from the system, broke more laws, including possibly treason, than any other US President in the history of ever, and the main talking point here is what someone did 30 years ago, in filling out a form in a way that would not be challenged in this country if it was done by someone who had equally as much/little indigenous heritage.


American exceptionalism


To be clear on Warren, I was initially supportive of her position as I though she’d only ever said she was descended from Native Americans. However, it now appears she may have claimed to be one. She has possibly also done so for economic gain (it helped get a job).

Do I think she should resign? No. But I think it looks bad and she should withdraw from the presidential race.

Slight problem then, since the Native Americans have previously set out what the criteria is, and Warren doesn’t meet it…


If Trump was the benchmark for acceptability Pell could just about run for Prime Minister. Using Trump as a benchmark is silly.


Seriously what’s the difference?

If your descendent from something are you not that thing as well.


And the tribe she has claimed to be has been very very strong in telling her get lost and stop it.